Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House episode 6 (Two Storms) recap

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The Haunting of Hill House Episode 6 is set in the viewing room of Theo’s funeral home, and, as usual, Hill House when the Crain family were children. In each timeline, there is a terrible storm going on outside.

In the present, Nell’s body is set up for viewing, and her sisters are each coping in their own way. Shirley is fussing over the corpse, and Theo is drinking heavily, while saying that Nell doesn’t look like she is sleeping, she just looks dead. Theo asks if Luke is “fresh off the streets,” and Shirley says they should probably hide their purses.

Hugh arrives and muses that Nell was always trying to get the whole family together. Looks like she got her wish. Steven and Luke arrive, and Luke starts to walk up to Nell’s casket, but then can’t do it. Steven tells Shirl that he believes Luke is clean, and she asks about Leigh. Steven says they are “taking a break.”

When Luke and Steven go up to view Nell’s body, Steven is the one who starts to break down. Theo sympathizes, saying “I’m drinking every time I feel like punching something.” Steven turns, and sees Olivia standing in front of Nell’s coffin.

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Steven’s siblings start grilling him. What did Mrs. Dudley (who found the body) say to Hugh? “He didn’t say.” Hugh walks in, and sees his adult children as they looked when they were young, then as adults again. When he goes to look at Nell, he sees her in the coffin as a child.

Shaken, Hugh leaves to use the restroom, and as he walks down the hall, he is in the front room at Hill House, where the chandelier suddenly crashes to the floor. Younger Hugh comes downstairs with Olivia, and the children follow. As Steve and Hugh move the chandelier, they hear hail falling, and a window breaks upstairs.

Steven and Hugh go upstairs to check the window, and Olivia calms the younger children by teaching them to count between lightning and thunderbolts to see how far away the storm is. The lights go out, and Nell panics, she ends up spinning around in the room with the statues (just as she did in episode 5, when she came back to Hill House for the final time). Olivia comes in to get her, and Nell screams that she sees the Bent Neck Lady. Olivia reassures her, saying that she see things – and people – here too, they aren’t here to hurt us.

While the rest of the family starts testing some flashlights, Theo holds Nell’s hand tightly. Olivia, still trying to calm everyone down, tells them “this house will keep us safe,” and they count again; the storm seems to be moving away.

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Suddenly, Nell is gone, and Theo insists she was holding her hand the entire time. Hugh and Olivia go upstairs to look for her, they think she just got scared from the storm and is hiding somewhere.

The adult Crains are talking about Nell as a child, and Hugh tells them that she wrote letters to him, and also to Santa (who she called “Mr. Claus”). In the letters to Santa, she never asked for anything for herself, only her brothers and sisters.

Shirley is angry with Nell for killing herself. From what happened to Olivia, Nell knew the pain the family would suffer. Steve turns to Hugh and asks him about the monthly letters he claims Nell wrote him. He thinks that Hugh should have known Nell was in trouble, and says he was withholding information.

Hugh says Mrs. Dudley called and said she saw Nell’s car, and went inside, only to find Nell’s body hanging. Steven tells him about the book signing incident, when Nell showed up and accused him of using the family to make money. Hugh says he didn’t know about that, but Nell did call him to tell him the Bent Neck Lady was back. Steven gets very angry, he feels that Hugh should have known that she was mentally ill.