Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House episode 6 (Two Storms) recap

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Shirley then accuses Steven of using the family to sell books, and Theo of being drunk. Theo yells back that she doesn’t get to dictate how each family member grieves. Then she tells Shirley that she took money from Steven, and used it to get her degree. This does NOT set well with Shirley, who accuses Theo of lying to her while living under her roof. She tells her to get out, and starts yelling at Steve too, she is really angry now.

Kevin then tells Shirley that he took money from Steven too, he felt it was the only way to keep their business going, since Shirley was giving people deals. She tells everyone to get out, then heads over to Nell’s body, only to see there are now buttons on Nell’s closed eyes. The lights go out, and Hugh looks over at the coffin. As lightning flashes, he sees the Bent Neck Lady standing in front of the coffin.

As she walks off, Hugh follows her, and ends up at Hill House as the younger version of himself, searching for Nell. His flashlight goes out, and he goes to get more batteries, leaving Olivia alone. She walks into a bedroom, to find water leaking into the fireplace, we see an old woman on the bed behind her. In the hallway, Olivia sees a doorknob turning, she opens the door, and a little boy in a wheel chair comes out.

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When Hugh returns upstairs, he sees Olivia at the end of the hallway, and begins following her around, even as she inexplicably ends up at the opposite end of hallway. As he walks towards her, all of the windows blow in, and he sees Olivia standing directly in front of another window. As he shouts, that window blows in, showering her with glass. In the blink of an eye, the window is whole again, and he finds Olivia sitting on the floor.

They hear the kids screaming downstairs, and are told by all of them, skeptical Steven included, that there is something in the house that looks like a wolf. And then, just as suddenly as she disappeared, Nellie is standing there in front of them.

Back in the funeral parlor, Luke says to Hugh, “Nell didn’t do this to herself…neither did Mom.” Hugh replies, “that’s a complicated story.” Luke repeats that neither of them killed themselves, and, of course, Steven ridicules the idea. Hugh says Nell didn’t kill herself, the house did, and Steven scoffs, saying that’s BS. He says, “The wrong parent died.” Ouch. Suddenly, Nell’s coffin crashes to the floor, her body sprawls half out of it, and every Crain child mercifully shuts up.

The lights return, they set the coffin up on the floor, and Shirley goes off to get her makeup kit to fix Nell up. In a heart-wrenching moments, Hugh kisses Nell’s forehead.

Shirley walks in a room, only to see Kevin and Theo in what appears to be an embrace, and walks out. She sees an attractive man sitting, and he raises his glass to her.

Back in Hill House, everyone is asking Nell where she was, and she says in a quavering little voice, “I was right here, I was screaming and shouting, and none of you could see me.” Luke says to her very seriously, “Don’t do that ever again, I thought the house things had got you. I’m so glad you’re ok. I’m never going to let you go again, I promise.” And I am now sobbing, knowing that Luke did indeed let her go again.

We hear Nell’s little girl voice again repeating, “I was right here, and none of you could see me”, and we see the Bent Neck Lady version of Nell standing in front of her coffin.

And so ends another episode. How do you feel about the show so far? Are you loving it (as I am), or are you losing interest?

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