UFOs: Why hasn’t Google updated images of a military base in 8 years?


UFOs continue to be a fascinating subject for the American public. Recent information has come to light that Google has not updated images of the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada for 8 years. This military base happens to be located near Area 51. Coincidence or conspiracy?

UFOs have captured the minds of the American public since the Roswell crash in 1947. With the recent exposure of the government’s Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program and the compelling evidence that unidentified aerial phenomenon does exist the interest has intensified.

Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defense’s UFO program in the U.K. appeared on Fox News to discuss an unexplained blind spot on Google Earth images. This lack of information lasted over an 8-year period of time. The location in question is the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.

What is intriguing about this scenario is the fact that the Test Range is located 70 miles away from Area 51. For over 7 decades, Americans have believed that the secretive military installation is the proving grounds for the development of alien technology and re-engineering of otherworldly aircraft.

What is Google Earth hiding? More importantly, are they being directed to do this? There will always be conspiracy theorists and in fact, Tonopah is probably classified and off the grid because we test our experimental airplanes there as well as our latest military weapons.

Tucker Carlson asked Pope a very poignant question as to why so many documents pertaining to UFOs from 50 years ago still remain in a classified status. Both men agreed that we do need to keep military secrets confidential. Mr. Pope stated that we always have to be mindful of who can see our information that we put onto the internet.

While he states that he doesn’t know what goes on in Nevada, he went on to say that Congress is starting to ask questions. The Senate Armed Services Committee is looking into the Navy videos of UFOs that were made public in December of 2017.

While the House Armed Services Committee are researching the Pentagon’s AATIP program. It is about time because as taxpayers we helped to fund this initiative. Was our money well spent?

Who exactly has knowledge of all these behind the scenes machinations? Pope contends that the President must have some information and it is rumored that this is why the “Space Force” is being created. The hope is to get formal Congressional hearings into these matters.

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Google Earth has since released pictures of the Tonopah Test Range. However, the question still remains is there something more than meets the eye going on in the Southwestern desert? Like Fox Mulder says, “The truth is out there.”

Why do you think Google Earth didn’t update their images? Is Tonopah just a test facility or could there be alien technology at work in Nevada? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below. We want to hear from you.