New Good Guy doll design in the Child’s Play remake leaks online!


Child’s Play remake from MGM gets a new Good Guy design. Photos of the currently unnamed doll were leaked on Facebook. Here is what we know so far.

Child’s Play is a very popular franchise and as we reported on earlier, has a new face of evil. We don’t know if the 2.0 demon doll will be called Chucky but yesterday, we were able to see an image of what is possibly him complete with creative packaging on Facebook.

It’s been over a month since we heard anything on this film from MGM, the last bit of news that was released was the official teaser picture with a press release that didn’t give anything away nor confirm any of the rumors about the alleged leaked synopsis about a disgruntled Chinese worker that tampers with the A.I. of the new doll to make it a killing machine.

Now, before we talk about the SPOILER image, and due to legal reasons, we cannot actually show you the leaked image on this site. But…we can link to it!


Note: I’m using the word “allegedly” because this isn’t an official studio release photo.

So, now that the image is out of the way, let’s see what we can conclude. The “Good Guy” dolls have been renamed to “Buddi” dolls complete with the little WiFi symbol above the “i” in the logo. It’s alleged that the new dolls will be A.I. that has become self-aware, so that name more or less confirms that rumored plot.

It’s also a nod to the original title of Child’s Play that was once called “Blood Buddies.” But, since the studio probably had to make a deal with Don Mancini, they more than likely had to rename the doll brands. I’d say it’s also a nod to the “My Buddy” dolls from the 80s that actually existed (I remember that I really wanted one because it looked like Chucky).

What else is also noticeable is the new design of the dolls on the boxes. Looks like the state of the art killer doll will have a very masculine square jawline. Aside from the subtle differences, it looks like a “Good Guy” doll. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s entirely possible that the doll won’t even be named “Chucky” since they apparently had to make compromises to get this film made.

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With this image leaked, I’m betting the studio will be releasing a teaser soon to set our minds at ease over the trade-off with the supernatural elements in favor of “technology that turns on mankind.”

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