Midnight, Texas : Season two is off to a good start with a miracle worker


Midnight ,Texas Season 2 began on October 26th. They may have saved the town once in Season 1, but now something else is coming.

Midnight, Texas – Season 1

Midnight, Texas is based on a book series by The Southern Vampire Mysteries AKA True Blood novels of author Charlaine Harris. It would seem like Midnight, Texas is very similar to True Blood, but since it’s on network TV there isn’t any pointless sex and nudity. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some steaminess.

Manfred Bernardo is a professional phone/internet and personal appearances psychic. At times he actually gets flashes of the real deal. After a client dies during an in person session, Manfred wanting a little peace and quiet, moves to a small town in Texas called Midnight. The citizens of this small town have their own secrets, and it’s not long before Manfred is sucked in to even more drama.

Bobo Winthrop is a mortal who runs the town’s pawn shop.  It just so happens that a vampire by the name of Lemuel Bridger lives in the basement of his shop. Lemuel has a girlfriend with a mysterious past named Olivia Charity.

Rounding out the citizens is Fiji, a witch who is more powerful than she realizes and a couple of fallen angels named Joe and Chuy Strong with their dog, Rasta. A couple with a new born baby, Madonna and Teacher are the proprietors of the local diner (which happens to be the only restaurant in town).

The Lovell family, daughter Creek, son Connor and father, Shawn run the local gas station and convenience store. While a mysterious reclusive Reverend named Emilio Sheehan is the spiritual leader of the non denominational church and pet cemetery.

When Manfred arrives in Midnight, Texas it doesn’t take long before his real psychic ability uncovers a murder mystery. Then there’s the revelation that Midnight is built on the gate to hell, and a demon named Colconnar is about to break loose.

The town is saved by a virgin sacrifice, but not the way you’re thinking. With Colconnar defeated it seems like things will go back to normal, but nothing is ever that easy. Some company of outsiders is opening the long shut down Midnight hotel as season one comes to an end.

Midnight, Texas – Season 2

So, that brings us to season two. As we return to Midnight,Texas  Lemuel and Olivia are getting used to their new marriage, and the psychic link between them thanks to Olivia taking some of Lemuel’s blood. The newly non virginal Fiji and her new boyfriend Bobo can’t keep their hands off each other.

Meanwhile, Manfred is feeling the after effects of taking six demons into his body. After all, Midnight, Texas is just your average sleep walking, digging graves for everyone with dreams of murder kind of place.

The Midnighters also meet the new innkeepers of the Midnight Hotel. At first, Kai and Patience Lucero seem normal.

That is until the citizens of Midnight (Fiji, Manfred and The Rev) witness Kai cure a crippled man in a wheelchair. At first, they are skeptical but soon they realize he’s a legit miracle worker. In public at least, he seems like the second coming of Christ.

At the Cartoon Saloon, Joe meets a mysterious demon hunter named Walker. Walker Texas Demon Hunter, sounds like it could be a good show too, doesn’t it? Lemuel meets a young woman who drugs him.

Upon waking he finds out that he turned her into a vampire. Obviously, Olivia isn’t happy and wants to stake her off the bat. However, Lemuel wants to give her a chance to live like him.

Of course, the girl doesn’t see eye to eye with Lemuel. In the meantime, she turns a couple of her friends and they end up going on a rampage at the hotel. Meanwhile, Manfred discovers Kai’s true nature.

Midnight, Texas is definitely worth the watch.  Jason fans will recognize Lemuel Bridger played by Peter Mensah who played Sargeant Brodski in Jason X.

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Think of this series as a more serious and family friendly version of True Blood. If you’re a fan of Sookie Stackhouse and her world, you will love the show.

Have you seen Midnight, Texas? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below.