Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House Episode 7 (Eulogy) recap

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Haunting of Hill House — Courtesy of Netflix

We are over halfway through Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, and we still don’t know what happened on the Crain family’s final night at Hill House. Will Eulogy give us any new information? Let’s find out.

As episode seven of The Haunting of Hill House begins, Young Hugh is being questioned at the police station, with the cop playing nice, bringing him coffee and fresh clothing, thanks him for coming in voluntarily, etc. When Hugh asks if he can leave, the police officer tells him he can leave whenever he wants, “but it wouldn’t look good.” He says Hugh likes to fix things, but “if you lawyer up, you can’t fix it.”

Older Hugh is at the funeral home. Kevin comes in and Shirley orders him to pick up the flowers. Hugh tells her she should go easy on Kevin, and she says, “If you want to lecture someone, lecture Theo.” Olivia appears and tells him to bear with Shirley.

At Hill House, Hugh and Mr. Dudley are surveying the damage from the storm, Hugh says it must have been a micro-burst since the Dudleys didn’t get a storm. Steve says the wall feels squishy, and Hugh now knows there is a water leaking from somewhere. “I can fix it.”

Down in the basement, they smell mold, and they can see it when they tear a hole in the wall. It’s deadly black mold, so Hugh sends Steve away. He and Mr. Dudley hear a noise in the wall, and believe it to be rats.

Older Hugh shows up at Theo’s house, and asks if “we” can come in. Theo tells him that she screwed up, and now she has to move out. “Shirley will probably never talk to me again.” She apologizes for not making more of an effort with Hugh.

Young Hugh determines that there’s water damage throughout the house. It’s difficult to figure out because none of the blueprints are accurate. He calls in an expert, who can’t find the source of the leak, and sees no rats. Rather than paying him to take care of the mold, Hugh rents fans and says Steve can help.

Hugh (with Olivia at his side) observes Steve and Leigh talking, and they look uncomfortable. Olivia tells him not to say that he wishes they had better role models for marriage. “Those last few days don’t count – that wasn’t us.”

Hugh tells Luke he is proud of him for being 90 days clean, and Olivia tells him not to talk, just sit and be with him, that Luke doesn’t want to make today about him. Theo’s one-night stand shows up. She angrily tells her “If I wanted you to know (about Nell’s death), I would have told you!”

Haunting of Hill House — Courtesy of Netflix

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At Hill House, Hugh is planning how to clean up the mold, and Olivia brings in the master blueprints. Hugh looks at them, and seems bewildered.

At Nell’s funeral, Luke gets up to speak. “The last time I saw her, she dropped me off at rehab and told me: You go in there, and you bring my brother back.” We see Olivia sitting next to Hugh.

Young Hugh asks Mr. Dudley to find the key to the red room, he thinks that is where the leak originated. He says it’s hard to figure out because Olivia’s blueprints are crazy. Mr. Dudley says she could use some time away from Hill House. Hugh tells him to mind his own business, and Dudley tells him that his mother worked at Hill House, that he was born there and grew up in the cottage at the edge of the property. His mother often came home “scattered”, talked to herself, and would wander off in the woods. He and Clara were married on the grounds, and when she got pregnant, Mrs. Hill made her keep working. Sadly, the baby was stillborn.

Clara went back to work right away, and started having nightmares. One night, she heard a baby crying, and later, Dudley heard it too. He knew it was their baby, and they stopped coming to Hill House after dark. After that, the nightmares stopped. Hugh looks at the blueprints again.