Bruce Campbell: I think I’ve done my last Alien Apocalypse


Bruce Campbell will be appearing at Eugene Comic Con in Oregon on Saturday night with his game show, Last Fan Standing. In a recent interview, the actor discusses what it will take to get him off his mountaintop.

Bruce Campbell despite being “selectively” retired is keeping busy with various irons in the fire. In the middle of a tour with his trivia game show, the actor will be appearing at Eugene Comic Con on Saturday to give Oregonians a chance to become the Last Fan Standing.

His calendar for 2019 is getting jam packed with a myriad of upcoming con gigs. In addition to that, he is also planning to do quite a bit of writing in the upcoming year with designs on embarking on a 2020 book tour.

All of this flurry of activity does not sound like a man who is just sitting on his front porch or teeing off at the country club golf course every day. Despite being monumentally occupied, Campbell took some time out of his schedule to speak with the Register-Guard about what it will take to get him off his mountaintop.

When Bruce stated that he was retiring several of his well-known character portrayals some of his fans thought that he had quit acting for good. That isn’t the case.

It’s obvious he’s still got game but what kind of projects would he not be averse to working on? Here is what he told the Register-Guard:

"“I just did three episodes of Lodge 49 for AMC. They’re back for another season. I’m not sure about my character, he’s mostly dead by the end of it. But you know, I’m looking for quality stuff. The writing was great, they just had really good people working on this show, and that’s kind of what I’m looking for. I’m not really looking for more movies for the Syfy channel. I think I’ve done my last Alien Apocalypse.”"

Even though he hasn’t been on social media as much as he has been in the past, he is still first and foremost in his fans’ minds. While he is the King of B-movies he doesn’t really consider himself as having celebrity status.

Bruce definitely doesn’t have to worry about name recognition but he has some wise observations on the state of the industry which could also serve as advice for anyone who is interested in working in Hollywood.

"“I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow in this industry, and it’s changing all the time: the way they make movies, the way they deliver them, the types of movies they’re making. That’s why you’ve got to be mellow about the whole thing.”"

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