Fede Alvarez: Sam Raimi gave notes on The Girl in the Spider’s Web


Fede Alvarez and Sam Raimi are together again. This time Alvarez screened his latest film, The Girl in the Spider’s Web for his former producer and friend.

Fede Alvarez made a splash when he directed the 2013 continuation of Evil Dead. Then he went on to make the smash box office horror hit, Don’t Breathe. Two constants remained with Alvarez on those productions. His association with Sam Raimi.

Raimi entrusted his franchise with Fede and Alvarez didn’t disappoint. Now, the two directors find themselves together again, this time for The Girl in the Spider’s Web. According to Polygon, Fede screened his latest production for his former producer.

Only friends and family get to see the first cut of a film. So, naturally, Raimi being a good friend of Alvarez’s as well as a colleague got the invitation to view the latest incarnation in Stieg Larsson’s trilogy.

Not only did Raimi support Fede by attending but he also went above and beyond. Typically, after this type of showing there is a Q & A for the audience members. Sam actually coordinated that effort after being asked by Alvarez.

"“Usually you don’t want the filmmaker to be there because the audience is too nice to you. So, I had Sam doing that. He’s a very smart man. He also knows me. He knows what I’m good at and what I’m not good at.”"

In the movie business which can be quite cutthroat at times, it is good to have a mentor who will be honest with you. Although Ghost House Pictures wasn’t involved with The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Raimi did have some sage advice for Fede.

Here is what the director told Alvarez:

"“I think it was more about do more of this thing. That’s always been his notes on my cuts. It’s like that thing you do with that place, do it more. So, I think that in this one it was the emotion, to really get more of a window into Lisbeth’s character, to really try to get into her head even more.”"

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The Girl in the Spider’s Web is currently in theaters. Catch this Larson trilogy Millennium thriller at a cineplex near you.

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