American Horror Story: Apocalypse E9 — “Fire & Reign” (Recap)

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Mutt (Billy Eichner) and Jeff (Evan Peters) have some ideas — Courtesy of FX

As we quickly approach the finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, “Fire & Reign” leaves us with a lot of ground to cover and plenty of unanswered questions. Michael Langdon is still unsure of how to fulfill his duties as Anti-Christ, and billionaire tech bros Mutt & Jeff try to help.

The second to last episode of this season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse has come and gone and I find myself thinking, “How the heck are they going to wrap up this whole story?” I’m speculating if it’s possible that Apocalypse could extend into two seasons, although I’m sure we might have already heard whisperings about that if it were true. I’m also wondering if next week’s episode is longer than usual?

Anyway, more on that later. In “Fire & Reign”, we open at the high-tech AI/Robotics lab which the two dopiest billionaires alive, Mutt and Jeff, played by Billy Eichner and Evan Peters, respectively. A robotic hand is firing a gun with empty rounds and Jeff is on a wild tear about…everything, which results in Mutt telling him, “My head hurts when you get all existential and s–t.”

Jeff continues to rant and rave, including a veiled dig at the world’s most successful coffee chain (“this coffee tastes like burnt a–h—” is possibly the best line in the episode). The rant finally turns into something when he expresses his anger that Michael Langdon, the Antichrist cooperative has been waiting for, doesn’t know what to do to bring about the end of the world.

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Meanwhile, Ms. Venable (one of Sarah Paulson’s many iterations in this season, and one of two in this episode alone) expresses her displeasure with her lack of responsibility to her bosses, Mutt and Jeff. She’s threatening to quit.

After the opening credits, we’re back at Ms. Robichaux’s School For Girls. Everyone in the coven is casting a spell that is meant to protect the school from Michael. While this is happening inside, directly outside the door, Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter) casts a spell of her own to counter the coven’s. We discover the reason why this occurred was due to her selling her soul to Satan for a talk show, which explains the 360 degree change in appearance and attitude she presents while living in Outpost 3.

It doesn’t take long for Michael and robot Miriam Meade to get into the school. Meade kills Violet and Queenie without so much as a second glance. Even though Michael destroys much of the coven, he still doesn’t believe in his abilities. Miriam Meade tells Michael “Your destiny is to end the world in a rain of fire.”

Michael joins Mutt and Jeff in their lab again and says he’s trying to figure out what to do. “Maybe I could be president,” Michael states, in the beginning of what is essentially a plot synopsis for The Omen III (which I love by the way). Jeff catches the reference.

At this point, Jeff shows Michael a list of members of “The Cooperative.” It’s revealed that The Cooperative and The Illuminati are one and the same, which I found to be wonderfully hilarious, considering the multitude of Satanic Illuminati conspiracy theories exist out there. After explaining to Michael what The Cooperative is and what it does, he then explains that The Cooperative has the power to end the world with a push of a few buttons and that Michael just has to say the word.