Shudder: Give thanks for November additions


Shudder deserves thanks year round. Their offerings are usually horror-themed (with some thrillers and sci-fi thrown in for good measure), and you can subscribe to their service for a reasonable price. What films are on tap for November?

Shudder has a wide array of movies to pick from this month. Let’s dive in and see what’s playing!


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man – This British crime series was, of course, created by the late Stan Lee, in answer to the question “if you could have any super power, what would it be?” He chose luck. SLLM is about detective Harry Clayton, who possesses the power of controlling luck. This comes in handy, as he is addicted to gambling.

All Hail Argento Collection (Deep Red, Inferno, Tenebrae, Demons, Demons 2, Phenomena, The Stendhal Syndrome) – Most lovers of horror are familiar with Italian director/producer/screenwriter Dario Argento, who is best known for his work in the giallo horror genre. His 1977 supernatural classic Suspiria was recently remade, but he is also known for The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Four Flies on Grey Velvet, as well as the movies included in this collection.

The Crow – The 1994 film (based on a comic) was the last movie Brandon Lee worked on. He was injured on the set when he was shot by a defective blank in a prop gun, and died during surgery. It also happens to be a pretty good flick, telling the story of a rock musician who returns from the dead to avenge both his death and that of his girlfriend.

Shudder -Courtesy of Crowvision, Inc.

Hellboy – Another movie based on a comic, Hellboy was directed by Guillermo del Toro, and stars Ron Perlman as an unlikely demon / superhero.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover – More of a crime thriller than a horror movie, this one debuted in 1989, and stars the awesome Helen Mirren.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – Written by Kevin Williamson, this 1997 slasher featured an all-star cast of young actors (including Sarah Michelle Gellar). The plot involves a group of teens trying to cover up a hit and run they were involved in, and the hook-wielding killer who comes after them.

Shudder – I Know What You Did Last Summer -Courtesy of Mandalay Entertainment

Snake Eyes – This 1998 conspiracy thriller stars Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise and Carla Gugino (of the Netflix hit The Haunting of Hill House).

8MM – When a PI (played by Nicolas Cage) finds an 8 millimeter reel, he gets caught up in the world of snuff films.


James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction – Cameron’s series explores the sci-fi genre, and features interviews with such genre greats as Ridley Scott, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.


Quay Brothers’ Shorts – The Quay Brothers’ are identical twins who are known for their stop-motion animation. This collection of their short films is Part I in a series.

Umbilical World – More short films, this time a compilation of the dark comedy films of animator David Firth.


Deadwax – The Shudder original series tells the story of Etta, who collects vinyl records. In the vein of The Ring, Etta searches for a record that is said to kill anyone who plays it.


The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Dinners of Death – Possibly the most anticipated of Shudder’s November additions, the Thanksgiving Day premier is a series of “deadly dinner” films personally chosen by Joe Bob Briggs. Briggs is a fan of “drive-in” classic films, so these are sure to be fun.


Amsterdamned – The plot of this 1988 Dutch film involves a serial killer who finds random victims along the canals in Amsterdam. Amsterdamned was the third highest selling film at the 1988 American Film Market.

Shudder – Liquid Sky- Courtesy of Z Films Inc.

Liquid Sky – A 1982 cult classic, LS is a sci-fi film that tells the story of a fashion model who runs into aliens in search of heroin. (I swear, I did NOT make up that description)!

The Lift – Another 1980’s Dutch film, this one is about an elevator that begins to kill its passengers.

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So, there you go! After you eat too much turkey, and just want to veg out on and digest, Shudder’s new additions should give you plenty of couch potato-style entertainment.

What do you think of the Shudder selections? Let us know in the comments section below.