Amazon Prime: November horror additions to go with Turkey


November is the month for giving thanks, and I am always thankful for horror movies. Amazon Prime has some new additions this month, but not as many as other streaming services. Let’s look at the menu.


2001 Maniacs – A remake of the 1964 Herschell Gordon Lewis flick, 2001 Maniacs was released in 2005. More comedy / horror than straight-up horror, it was produced by Eli Roth, and stars horror icons Robert Englund and Lin Shaye.

Candyman: Day of the Dead – This sequel was the third and final chapter of the Candyman movies, and was released straight to DVD.  Candyman returns from the dead to harass an art gallery owner, who is related to him. Tony Todd returns as Candyman, joined by Donna D’Errico and Ernie Hudson, Jr.

Hostel – Perhaps Eli Roth’s best-known horror flick, Hostel was a strong entry in the “torture porn” sub genre. It was a huge box office success, bringing in $19 million in its opening weekend. After its release, Slovakia and the Czech Republic pronounced themselves disgusted by Hostel’s portrayal of their countries, fearing it would affect tourism. Eli’s response was that people still travel to Texas, even after seeing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Hostel II – Lionsgate

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Hostel Part II – The sequel to Roth’s Hostel is basically a very similar story, except the main characters are female. A copy of the sequel was leaked on the internet, which Roth believes played a part in the weak box office returns.

Jacob’s Ladder – This movie is one of Tim Robbins’ best known (and respected) performances, and was the inspiration for the Silent Hill series of movies and video games. It tells the story of Jacob, a Vietnam war vet suffering from trauma-induced dreams and visions.


Condemned – Another horror / comedy, this one tells the story of Maya, who lives in a dilapidated building with her boyfriend in Manhattan. After a virus created from garbage infests the building’s inhabitants, they turn into crazed killers.

Given the sparse offerings from Amazon Prime, I am giving some additional recommendations. All of these recommended movies can be found on Prime.

Stephen King’s Pet Sematary – See the 1989 original version of this before the remake is released. In my opinion, Pet Sematary is King’s darkest work.

The Strangers – Another dark horror film, The Strangers rivals Funny Games for intensity. You can also watch the inferior (but still ok) sequel The Strangers: Prey at Night on Prime.

Mr. Brooks – MGM

Mr. Brooks – Kevin Costner plays against type as a serial killer who has tried to cope with his “addiction.” His impulses come back, however, after he is confronted by his alter ego (played by William Hurt). I love this movie, and Costner gives a stellar performance. Mr. Brooks also features Demi Moore and Dane Cook.

Devil – For a PG-13 movie, I thought Devil was pretty intense! A group of strangers are trapped in an elevator, and one of them is the Devil. One by one, our suspects are killed off as we try to figure out which is Satan himself.

So, there you go, readers – some fine movies to devour after you are finished with your turkey and stuffing. What do you think of Amazon’s selection of horror movies this month? Do they hit the spot, or leave you feeling empty

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Fan of Amazon Prime? Looking forward to all the horror coming in November? Let the other horror heads know what you think in the comment section below.