American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season Finale — “Apocalypse Then”

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The surviving witches in the coven, Coco (Leslie Grossman), Mallory (Billie Lourde), and Madison (Emma Roberts) have to do whatever it takes, no matter how unpleasant, to battle against Michael, the Antichrist. image courtesy of FX

Although there was some skepticism amongst fans (myself included), the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, “Apocalypse Then” certainly didn’t disappoint in what could possibly be the best episode of the entire series.


The last episode of Apocalypse, “Fire & Reign” ended on a note that put me, and a lot of other AHS fans, in a bit of a panic. How was the whole mythology of this amazing insane whirlwind of a season going to wrap itself up in under an hour? There seemed to be so much ground left uncovered. It seemed like a nearly impossible task. But damn it, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchiuk, and episode director Bradley Beuker made it happen.

“Apocalypse Then” begins in the office of Mutt and Jeff (who we find out in this episode are named Mutt Nutter and Jeff Fister respectively), or more to the point, in the reception area with Ms. Wilhelmina Venable. In walks Myrtle Snow, which I think might be my favorite character of Frances Conroy’s career thus far. She says that she needs to see Ms. Venable’s bosses, and obviously, if you can remember anything about her, she’s not having it. They keep going back and forth and one of the best exchanges in all of AHS history happens:

Ms. Venable: You may as well ask me to explain your hair.

Myrtle Snow: My hair is an eternal mystery to never be understood

I died laughing and I have to imagine so did many other people.

“My hair is an eternal mystery, never to be understood”, says Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) to Wilhelmina Venable (Sarah Paulson) before storming the techbro castle. image courtesy of FX

Myrtle ends up putting Ms. Venable to sleep and then waltzes into the office of Mutt and Jeff, who are arguing about the outposts they’ve placed  themselves in, since Jeff wants to be with the actresses, but Mutt thinks all the scientists should be together in order to save things if they really go haywire. We also get some exposition that Michael wanted Miriam Meade in Outpost 3 and wanted her memory card wiped so she wouldn’t remember who Michael is, so that explains that, I suppose.

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Myrtle Snow almost gets shot by the guys but moves the gun with magic. She tells the guys that Mr. St Pierre Vanderbilt is going to buy a spot in one of the outposts and that they’re going to give it to them. She casts a spell to make this happen, but Mutt and Jeff are definitely not happy. As Myrtle leaves she says “the most unpleasant part is that I have to leave without killing you both.”

After the final opening credits shot of the season, we’re back in Misty Day’s shack with Cordelia, Myrtle, Coco, Mallory, and Madison. Mallory is worried that nothing will be able to save them from 1,000 nuclear bombs. However Cordelia is certain that the spell which Mallory didn’t successfully cast in the last episode will work to save them all.

In order for this to work, Cordelia has to erase Coco and Mallory’s memories and put them into a situation where they would go together to the Outpost, therefore assigning Mallory to be Coco’s assistant. Coco is informed that her new personality would be modeled after Madison and she freaks out. She doesn’t want to be hurtful to Mallory because Mallory is her best friend. Madison of course thinks Coco is lucky to have the personality “upgrade”.

Cordelia lets the group know that Mallory’s powers will emerge “when they are ready.” We’re then transported to car with Coco and Mallory in their new identities. Their driver is, of course, Madison. She drops them off at a hair salon, which is where our old friend Mr. Gallant works. As Madison is leaving, she sees a sign for the Dinah Stevens show on the side of a bus. While in the salon, Coco meets Brock, her boyfriend, who was just getting a haircut.

When Madison returns to Myrtle and Cordelia, she lets them know she saw the sign for Dinah Stevens’ talk show and that she must have sold her soul to the devil to get it. Madison and Myrtle both want to kill her but Cordelia says no.