Halloween: William Shatner reveals how he uses the Michael Myers mask


With the Halloween Boogeyman getting his look from William Shatner, the Star Trek icon is revealing how he uses the iconic Michael Myers mask.

William Shatner is boldly getting revenge on the Halloween series….

According to Entertainment Weekly, Captain Kirk is taking on Michael Myers. By now, everyone knows the iconic Halloween mask is a refurbished Captain Kirk mask. Modified for maximum terror, it’s just actor William Shatner’s face but changed.

For years, there has been teasing between fans and the Star Trek icon about the origin of Michael Myers’ face. Well now, Shatner is revealing how he coped with the situation by wearing the mask out with his kids on Halloween. That’s right, two Shatner faces back to back….

Here’s the unforgettable story from the man himself:

"“When my kids were younger, and they’d go trick-or-treating, and I would go with them, I’d wear the mask,” he says. “If [people] didn’t give them candy, I’d take off the mask, and blow a kiss.”"

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Well, that’s one way to deal with stingy people on Halloween…

Although Shatner never received compensation for his likeness, which the actor discussed with EW, it’s great that the icon is still in good spirits. Those who refuse kids candy on Halloween should probably get worse than a kiss blown from a living legend, so they really got off light.

Modified by horror vet Tommy Lee Wallace, the original mask for the Shape is as iconic today as it was 40 years ago. Recently showing up in Blumhouse’s smash reboot/sequel, there’s not denying the impact of that face. So thanks Mr. Shatner, I’ll always have Halloween when candy with your family comes to my house.

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