The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln may step into director’s role


Andrew Lincoln will continue to be a looming presence on the set of The Walking Dead. We know about his upcoming AMC movies but Angela Kang states there may be directing in his future.

Andrew Lincoln is gone but yet his spirit remains. So, when Gale Anne Hurd eluded to that this fall at New York Comic Con, she was not kidding. The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead ended last night and yet another fan favorite has bit the dust.

If you haven’t seen the show then you might want to avert your eyes from this SPOILER ALERT. Jesus as played by Tom Payne was stabbed by one of the “Whisperers” last night thus finishing his character arc. However, showrunner, Angela Kang revealed in an interview with Deadline that it might not be the definitive end.

"“Because of the expansion of the universe, and because of time jumps we passed seven and a half years off-screen on the show. That allows for stories to go back in time, so there’s an opportunity for seeing characters to come back because of these things that are built into the story.”"

She also dropped a bombshell about Andrew Lincoln. Everyone knows that he has a deal with AMC for Rick Grimes movies, however, recently he was speaking to Kang about something that he has a very real interest in and that is directing!

Apparently, he came back to the set to “shadow” one of the directors. This is exciting news because it shows that even though he won’t be on screen, he will still continue to be involved with the series that was his home for nine seasons.

Kang also seems extremely positive that the fans haven’t heard the last of the popular actor. Nor have they seen the last of Lauren Cohan. The actress has also been keeping in touch with the showrunner as well.

The time jump might pay off in terms of old characters coming back or being rewritten into the narrative again. Maybe some time soon we will see Lincoln’s name in the credits for “Directed by.”

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This season has been a mixed bag in terms of ratings. They are on the decline and yet the show continues to be praised for the exciting direction that it is going in. Let’s face it, it is hard to keep things fresh when a show has been on the air for 8 years.

But if they continue to utilize talent from the past such as Andrew Lincoln directing a few episodes that definitely could be a real kickstarter to get the fans motivated to watch again.

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