Zombieland 2: Zoey Deutch joins highly anticipated zombie sequel


As the team behind Zombieland prepares to finally begin shooting the sequel in January, Zoey Deutch has joined the cast in an undisclosed role.

Comedy and the zombie apocalypse might seem like a weird combination, but films like Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland proved that these two elements can coexist and be successful… as long as the comedy is well written, of course. After Zombieland’s success both financially and critically, fans have been waiting on a sequel for years.

Luckily, Zombieland 2 is finally out of that limbo and Fleischer and company are getting ready to start shooting in January, aiming for an October 2019 release. The cast so far is comprised by the group from the first film: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin. Now, a new name has been added to the list: welcome to the zombie apocalypse, Zoey Deutch!

Variety reports that Zoey Deutch (Set it Up) has joined the cast of Zombieland 2, but there’s no information about her character (yet). A few months ago, a rumored titled and plot surfaced, stating the sequel will be called Zombieland Too and it will follow Columbus (Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Harrelson), and Wichita (Stone) as they try to rescue Little Rock (Breslin), who ran away with an unnamed character.

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What about the zombies? You might ask. Well, they are almost “extinct”, but like many other species in this world, they refuse to go and so now we will have some “super zombies:” larger, stronger, tougher, and can only be killed through a headshot.

This rumored plot also mentions some new characters (named after cities, of course): Reno, TB, Cleveland, Madison, and a few others. Now, this Madison character is described as a “ditzy blonde who Columbus hooks up with after Wichita freaks out” because the zombies are almost extinct. Dutch’s character could be this Madison girl, or maybe the character Little Rock runs away with (unless they turn out to be the same. Plot twist!)

That is, of course, if that plot turns out to be true.

We probably won’t hear any plot details from Fleischer and his team until they’re done filming (or maybe not even then, and they will keep details under-wraps until the movie comes out), so for now we can only speculate on what the plot might be and what Deutch’s character could be about. But the most important thing here is: Zombieland 2 is really happening now.

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