Netflix: The Haunting of Hill House finale (Silence Lay Steady) recap

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Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House ended its 10-episode run with Silence Lay Steady. Read here for a recap of the grand finale.

Let’s take a peek at the Crain family one final time.

Young Shirley and Nell are trying again to open the door to the red room, then we are in Theo’s dance room, when she hears banging on the door and the door knob rattles. What the what?

Adult Steve is on his laptop. A pregnant Leigh comes in and asks how the writing is going. He tells her, “slow.” He has been writing about going back to Hill House in search of Luke.

When he hesitates to continue, Leigh says the baby needs to know what happened. We see Hugh and Steve go into HH, Hugh says he knows where to find Luke.

The Haunting of Hill House – Courtesy Netflix

Luke’s tall man walks directly behind Steve, Hugh tells him, “Look at me.” The tall man leans down directly into the side of Steve’s face, then leaves.

Hugh tries to open the door to the red room, and walks away in frustration. Steve sees the door is open, and can see Luke lying on the floor, he rushes in, and the door closes, cutting him off from Hugh.

Back with Leigh, Steve closes his laptop, she tells him to come to bed, leave the ghosts where they belong. He says the door to the red room opened, and he saw Luke. She says, “Luke died”, and Steve says, “No, he was alive.” Leigh reiterates, “And then he died, you have to say it.” He says the door closed, he can’t remember what happened after that. He doesn’t remember coming home, reconciling with Leigh, or finding out she was pregnant.

The mood changes. Leigh says of course he doesn’t remember, he hasn’t written it yet. Nothing is real to him until he writes it down, he takes other people’s lives and pain, and eats it, he is an eater. She was never real to him, and neither is the baby. She pulls up her shirt to show her pregnant belly, and we see decay spreading across it like mold.

The Haunting of Hill House – Courtesy Netflix

Her belly starting to swell, and decay spreading, Leigh says of the baby: “If she eats me from the inside, will you lose your mind, like your mother?” She starts to look more corpse-like, and then we hear Nell’s voice call Steve’s name. She touches him, and he steps into the red room, where he sees Luke on the floor, foaming at the mouth, Theo and Shirley lying unconscious. He starts CPR on Luke.

We see Luke walking into Hill House and setting the fire, which burns blue before going out. He sees Olivia, and Poppy’s ghost grabs his head from behind.

Then, Luke is on the street calling the rehab, begging to come back. Joey shows up, and takes him to the hotel room she promised to find. She tells him he saved her. He says no, she took the money and he never found her.

Joey insists she got the room, then found him. She has heroin and says they need to “get well” before they get clean. Luke resists, but Joey says, “One day the needle is going back in your arm.” She shoots herself up, and tells him to come with her. He says no, she responds that he already did, he looks down and sees the needle in his arm.