Call of the Cryptid: The Barmanou or Pakistan’s bigfoot


The Barmanou, often called Pakistan’s bigfoot, caused one investigator to lose his life! Does this creature exist, and does it really smell like rotting garbage?

The Barmanou smells like rotting garbage. Supposedly, it makes inhuman, guttural sounds,  (like a death metal vocalist) and sometimes it wears skins.  In fact, most articles on the Barmanou say pretty much those same things, with some descriptions being more thorough than the others. They all say this cryptid is an ape-man creature residing in the mountainous region between western Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Also, virtually every Barmanou article mentions the investigations of one man — a Spanish zoologist named Jordi Magraner.  Tragically, Magraner and a boy were murdered while searching for the creature in 2002.

Their deaths remain semi-mysterious, but it’s often said that violent political changes of the time were a major factor. Whatever the case, Jordi Magraner was definitely interested in the creature, collecting accounts of those who claimed to have seen it.

According to Loren Coleman in his book Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Magraner had:

"“Collected more than fifty firsthand sighting accounts, and all eyewitnesses recognized the reconstruction of Heuvelman’s homo pongoides [AKA “The Minnesota Iceman”].”"

This, of course, doesn’t really prove the existence of the Barmanou. However, it does indicate that a “Bigfoot”-like creature can be found in legends around the world.

Unity, discipline, faith and bigfoot monsters?

If the Barmanou (or the homo pongoides, or whatever) could be found, wouldn’t it be a historic moment? If it exists (or still exists), there are ways it could be recorded or captured outright. Some accounts mention it’s known to attack women and attempt to “mate” with them (sorry, ladies, but that’s what I’ve read).

This means they supposedly interact with people on occasion.  Why not capture one then?  Also, if things calm down enough between Pakistan and Afghanistan, people could obviously just explore the mountains for the creatures.

Heck, the truly brave could go on a large-scale expedition looking for the Barmanou of Pakistan (in the Karakoram Ranges), the Almas of Central Asia and/or the Yeti of the Himalayas. Either way, it would be bad-ass to honestly say, “I’m looking for a humanoid ape monster up on Ice Mountain.”

Abominable Snowman/Wild man of the woods

Whether its the Barmanou of Pakstan, the Yeti of the Himalayas or the American Bigfoot, people like a giant ape monster. Hints of this can perhaps be seen in the classic story of King Kong, or even in The Bumble from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. You hardly need a “Cryptids for Dummies” guide to see the appeal. In fact, the Barmanou legend even suggests he’s often seeking a human bride.

Also, as with any cryptid tale, there may be financial interests in generating tourism. Let’s face it, a strange primate seems decidedly more plausible than a green, bug-eyed space alien with a strange aura and magic powers.

I have another theory about these man-like “apes.” They seem to naturally extend from the “wildman of the woods” myth, or possibly the “hermit in the hills” idea. Basically, the idea of a “wildman” is that, in some respects, he represents a primitive, uncivilized aspect of humanity.

Perhaps I’m veering far off topic (and I probably am), but a reclusive “wildman” living in the woods reminds me of someone like Ted Kaczynski. He wasn’t entirely primitive by any means (given his extremely high intelligence and deadly homemade inventions), but reclusive creatures remind me of footage of that wild, bearded guy led out of a secret cabin in handcuffs.

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Still, mythologizing aside, there is hope for finding a real creature. Some fanged Kashmir musk deer were found to still exist in 2014, despite not being seen for about 60 years. In other words, some creatures are indeed very good at hiding. We just don’t know to what extent certain ones exist.

That’s it for this Call of the Cryptid article!  Do you think the Barmanou exists?  Let us know in the comments!