The rearview mirror: Saying goodbye to Ash vs Evil Dead and The X-Files

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Ash vs Evil Dead -Season 2

Ash vs Evil Dead – Delusion – Courtesy of STARZ

This time around Ted Raimi joined the cast as Ash’s bestie Chet Kaminsky and one of my favorites from the 70’s Lee Majors was brought onboard as Ash’s dad, Brock. Jill Marie Jones as Detective Amanda Fisher and future love interest for Bruce Campbell’s character was a nice addition.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon was about to end. Behind the scenes conflicts arose between certain parties and all of a sudden what appeared to be a bright future looked like something else entirely. Fans were highly dissatisfied with the way season 2 ended and confused.

Personally, I didn’t have a problem with it and while most weren’t thrilled with the episodes, I found several to be high caliber. My favorite being Delusion.

Plus, we were given an adorable if somewhat maniacal puppet, Ashy Slashy, the Pink F*** drink, the term “powerful vagina” and so many other priceless moments including the return of Ellen Sandweiss as Ash’s deceased sister, Cheryl.