Dexter–Truth Be Told (ep. 111): Twisted holiday classic


Dexter, episode 111, Truth Be Told has a new victim found in a violent Christmas display, but it’s by no means just about holiday cheer! Ho!

All horror fans have their favorite Christmas horror, right? Well, a certain episode of Showtime’s Dexter ought to be considered a perennial fave. “Truth Be Told” is the 11th episode of the first season, and ostensibly a Christmas episode. Why? We see Rudy Cooper (Christian Camargo) — AKA the Ice Truck Killer — kill a prostitute (Tomiko Martinez) and showcase her body in a public Christmas display.

We also see some of the prep work, during which ITK gently sings: “Deck the halls with parts of bodies, fa la la la la, la la la la.” It’s a ghoulish scene, but the twisted humor is definitely expected. We also know why Rudy did this: The woman was a witness who he had to eliminate, despite her previously being saved due to having a prosthetic limb (Rudy has that sort of fetish).

However, things change pretty drastically for Rudy. He stabbed Angel Batista (David Zayas), which he knew was a risky move, and there’s a sense that he’s panicking a bit. He knows he could become a possible suspect, as his amputation fascination could easily tie him to the murders.

This is why he stabbed Batista to begin with, right? If that’s not enough, Dexter’s closing in on him, too. After seeking info on the murder of his mother, the date of October 3 comes into play for Dex. Well, 10/3 links to the bloody hotel room 103!

Is This Really a Christmas Episode? Yes and No

Some of you may be asking that question, and understandably so. Other than the initial crime scene and a few Christmas jokes here and there, there isn’t a lot of Christmas stuff going on. Still, I’d say it’s good enough to add to any hypothetical holiday horror playlist.

You also have the Ice Truck Killer ramp things up by finally going after Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) — and not just to marry her. Nope! He straight up kidnaps her. Then, of course, Dexter closes in on Rudy even more. Also, when Deb finally realizes she’s engaged to the Ice Truck Killer, it’s riveting television at any time of year!

However, there is one moment that ties more blatantly into holiday themes: When Rita (Julie Benz) decides to take Astor (Christina Robinson) and Cody (Daniel Goldman) to visit Paul in prison, it’s family time. Granted, it’s still twisted because they’re visiting her abusive ex in prison.  However, it’s about putting differences aside and somewhat attempting forgiveness.

That;’s definitely in the holiday spirit, right?  However, Dexter has a way of asking the tough questions. Should she forgive Paul to an extent, and let him see the kids?

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He has proven to be dangerous, even after supposedly being reformed. Is she only doing so out of fear of reprisal if he ever gets out? Either way, it’s clear that not all of us are good boys and girls, and sometimes we get a little more than mere coal in our stockings.

That’s it for this Dexter flashback! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!