New Year, New You: Hulu brings New Years Into the Dark


Blumhouse is back with their New Years themed episode of the horror anthology series Into the Dark. New Year, New You premieres on Hulu on December 28th. They’ve released an official trailer. We’ve got a breakdown for you.

The trailer for New Year, New You does not spoil the entire episode for you. You get a pretty good idea of what’s going down. But, trust and believe you have no idea how it all does go down.

So, feel free to watch it as much as you want. Get ready to kick yourself for not trademarking a simple, snappy juice brand name like Very Very Vegetable.

We’re dropped right into a commercial within a commercial. Danielle Williams (Carly Chaikin) is promoting her self help brand, which includes that nifty line of juices.

She tells us that the new year is coming. When the clock strikes twelve, she wants you to become the new you. See what they did there?

When the commercial ends, we see the person watching it was Alexis (Suki Waterhouse). At some point, Alexis and Danielle were best friends. But that was years ago. What happened?

In order to get to the bottom of this, we’re going to need a party, lots of champagne, and a game of Never Have I Ever. This is text book. Obviously.

Alexis accuses Danielle of being a bully in high school. Danielle was so bad, her taunts forced a young girl to commit suicide in front of them. That leads to a record scratching moment for everyone in the room, which now includes friends Kayla (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and Chloe (Melissa Bergland). Awkward.

New Year New You-Into the Dark-Courtesy of Richard Foreman/Hulu

Bloody violence ensues and leads up to an Alexis/Danielle special moment.

Social media and Internet Branding are themes within the episode. That’s implied from the start  of the trailer. But those only add flavor to the real story.

One of the key elements we’ll see explored is how people use their fakeness. It’s not a personality disorder or someone just playing a role that slowly crushes them. New Year, New You is about living your best life, even if that means manipulating others to your own ends.

This is the follow up to Pooka!, which I thought was the strongest episode of Into the Dark. New Year, New You really makes a case for itself. It’s written by Sophia Takal and Adam Gaines and directed by Sophia Takal. It’s multi-layered, fun, and stylistic.

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But, not in a ‘Hey! Hey! Look at me, I’m cool!” sort of way. It’s done is subtle ways that harken back to specific eras and genres that made me happy. You can stream New Year, New You exclusively on Hulu starting on December 28th. You can also expect my full review next week.

Have you been watching Into the Dark on Hulu? What’s your favorite episode so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!