Michael Ironside: Acting has to be a bit of a challenge

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Michael Ironside is a legend in the true sense of the word. From blockbusters to indie features, this actor is an unstoppable force. We were fortunate enough to sit down with him at 1428 Elm to discuss his latest project, The Harrowing and all points in between.

Michael Ironside is a familiar name in the world of horror. In 1981, he made his mark on the acting world by starring in David Cronenberg’s explosive Scanners. From there he went on to other genres like sci-fi with the hit TV mini-series, V also starring a young Robert Englund. And who can forget his role as Jester in the box office smash hit of the decade, Top Gun?

The 90’s were the Paul Verhoeven era bringing him two hits in huge productions. In Total Recall, he played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger who was at the peak of his fame and later on in the special FX laden Starship Troopers. He even showed up on SeaQuest 2032 with Ted Raimi in a recurring role as Captain Oliver Hudson.

At the beginning of the 21st century, The Perfect Storm found him acting opposite George Clooney. In between features he somehow found the time to lend his voice to the successful video game, Splinter Cell. To this day, the actor claims that is how most of his fans know him.

Segue to the present and he is starring in The Harrowing. A complex horror thriller about the bounds of sanity and what is reality as seen through the eyes of traumatized Detective Ryan Calhoun. Ironside portrays Lt. Logan, Calhoun’s boss who may or may not be on his side.

We started off our chat talking about his latest venture and why he loves a good story. Welcome to our interview.