Between Worlds: An interview with powerhouse director — Maria Pulera

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Interesting Roles for Women

Between Worlds – Courtesy of Rise Up

1428 Elm: I really liked your film, there were so many strong roles for women.

MP: Yes, there are. Thank you for saying that!

1428 Elm: I’m curious, do you direct women differently? Do you have any advice for women that aspire to direct?

MP: Stay true to yourself, I’m a single Mom, and so is Julie, and there are different types of women in the movie, diversity is good and there is diversity even for women, each woman in the film is a different type. And the bad one is sorrowful and manipulative, but I like strong female characters.

I don’t direct women differently from men, it’s the individual that you are directing, everyone is an individual, directing actors is very personal and it’s about directing individuals, not gender. In the film, there’s lots of sex scenes and sex scenes are known to be difficult and awkward, and you have to be aware of the actor’s limit and comfort levels.