Time traveler: Woman from the year 3800 warns of robot war


A time traveler from the year 3800 named Bella claims that in the future Artificial Intelligence will wage war along with robots to destroy humanity.

A time traveler named Bella who claims to have been sent to the year 3800, has proof that our world will be ravaged by killer robots and vengeful Artificial Intelligence. This sounds a bit like The Terminator but none the less, she has photographic “proof.”

According to Express U.K., Bella says that she met a man named Alexander Kozlov who is a physicist. Apparently, he has done what Einstein was striving to do and solved the mystery of how-to time travel. As a matter of fact, like Doc Brown he even has a time machine of some sort.

Although Bella doesn’t describe the vehicle, she does enlighten us as to what it feels like:

"“I felt a very strong current voltage in my body. Everything was black in my eyes and around me.”"

After experiencing those sensations, she appeared in the year 3800. Prior to her trip, she envisioned a world full of flying cars, jet packs and all of the technology that we were told we would have back in the 80’s which never materialized.

Instead she was greeted with destruction on a mass scale. Decimated buildings everywhere, corpses strewn about and damaged robots littered the hellish landscape.

Time Traveler from 3800 – Robot Apocalypse – Courtesy of EPA PHOTO-EFE-Columbia TriStar-Robert Zucker

In order to capture this future dystopian world, she took a picture on her cell phone. While the image is incredibly blurry, Bella claims that there is a woman in the photo amidst the rubble with buildings and lights as the backdrop.

Time Traveler from 3800 – Robots shooting lasers 2 – Courtesy of YouTube-Top5’s Finest

She also states that there is a “flying destroyed robot shooting lasers” in the picture as well. Personally, I can’t see it. Perhaps it is only visible to time travelers. Bella also had an encounter with one of the metal overlords.

In her description, she stated that his fist was made of “silicone.” She goes on to state that he had incredible human-like expressions but they were devoid of emotion. The robot demanded to know where she was from but she refused to answer his query.

While all of this sounds exciting, realistically, it didn’t happen. At present, we don’t have the technology to bend the space-time continuum to travel backwards or forwards throughout a rift. That is the stuff of James Cameron movies.

Professor William Hiscock of Montana State University was cited as saying:

"“There are many solutions to Einstein’s equations of General Relativity that allow a person to follow a timeline that would result in her or him encountering herself – or her grandmother – at an earlier time.”"

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However, until someone in the scientific community solves the conundrum of how to turn Einstein’s equations into architecture of a time machine then we can be sure that Bella is probably very skilled at Photoshop and a science-fiction film buff.

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