Bruce Campbell: Burn Notice is now streaming on Hulu


Bruce Campbell played ex-Navy Seal operative Sam Axe for 7 seasons on the USA Network’s hit show Burn Notice. Now, fans of the actor and the series can catch every episode on Hulu.

Bruce Campbell for the most part is known for his work in the Evil Dead franchise. However, for 7 seasons he was on a hit series on the USA Network called Burn Notice. He played an ex-Navy Seal operative named Sam Axe.

This co-starring role introduced him to an entirely different audience that wasn’t as familiar with his career in horror films. Sam was the best friend of Michael Westen, a former spy for the CIA that was “burn noticed” from the agency.

Basically, the term according to Wikipedia refers to “the official statement issued by an intelligence agency to other agencies. It states that an asset or intelligence source is unreliable for one or several reasons, often fabrication, and must be officially disavowed.” After this happens to Michael, he is returned to Miami where he must figure out who ruined his career.

Luckily for him, he isn’t alone in his quest. He reconnects with his former lover, Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), his tough as nails, chain-smoking mother, Madeline (Sharon Gless) and Sam. Together they assist him on his mission to clear his name. Unfortunately, trying to obtain this information comes at a high price.

More times than not, Westen and his “team” are put at risk resulting in near casualties. Bruce Campbell could have almost been considered the comic relief. Sam was quick with a quip and always acted as the “distraction” while Michael and Fiona used the diversion to obtain critical intel.

Not only was Sam a loyal companion, he was also quite the ladies’ man. It seemed like he dated all of the wealthy divorcees in Miami. His character was so popular that an origin movie was ordered. The Fall of Sam Axe premiered in 2011.

To this day, when Campbell attends cons, he gets requests to sign Burn Notice memorabilia. So, 5 years after the series went off the air, it is still very popular among a segment of his fans.

According to Hulu Watcher, seasons 1 through 7 are currently available for streaming on the service. It is interesting to note that the site speaks about the proposed spin-off featuring later addition to the cast, Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) and Bruce Campbell’s Sam Axe. In an article featured in TV Guide on Jul. 25, 2013, everyone including creator Matt Nix was down for it.

However, in an interview with Third String Morning Show at 97.7 WQLZ in 2017, Campbell talked about why the Sam Axe spin-off never came to fruition, “I killed it. I was tired of Fox and how they did business.”

As for whether or not Burn Notice could be rebooted, it seems unlikely at the moment. According to an interview Bruce did this past summer with SyFy Wire he would consider doing “a limited series or a TV movie.”

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For right now, Coby Bell is tied up with The Gifted on Fox, Jeffrey Donovan is currently shooting a movie, Honest Thief with Liam Neeson, Gabrielle Anwar just wrapped The Last Summer and as for Bruce Campbell, he is working on many different projects such as a book on essays which will segue into a proposed book tour of 20 cities in 2020. Meanwhile, he has a full schedule of con appearances lined up for 2019.

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