Horror movie actors and actresses that should be nominated for an Oscar

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8. John Krasinski – A Quiet Place (Lead Actor)

Horror-A Quiet Place — Courtesy of Platinum Dunes

One of the things you feel from the early moments of A Quiet Place is the fear that John Krasinski has for his children. Like First Reformed explained in the indie world, there are real fears about raising your children in an age of climate change and deepening political divides. How do we justify bringing children into a world where violence and danger may be lurking at every corner?

Krasinski takes this fuel and motivation and delivers a brilliant performance full of heart. His deep affection and love for his children can be read in each moment, and his fear for the future of his family is palpable. It is a transformative role for him as an actor, but don’t fret, A Quiet Place stands a chance in Best Picture and Original Screenplay, both of which would earn him a nomination.