Horror movie actors and actresses that should be nominated for an Oscar

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5. Alex Wolff – Hereditary (Supporting Actor)

Horror-Alex Wolff in Hereditary – Courtesy of A24

Crafting trauma and fear can be difficult, but packaging years of neglect and resentment lifts Alex Wolff to another level in Hereditary. Playing off one of the best performances in any genre this year in Toni Collette, Wolff finds himself her equal on several occasions. His regret and self-hate can be felt throughout the entire second half of the film.

What makes the turn so dynamic is the overall arc of his character. He begins as your typical stoner teenager, and frankly, there is little to suggest there is more to explore. Yet after tragedy strikes the family, Wolff bears guilt and remorse throughout the rest of the movie, all while creepy and scary things come to pass.