Z Nation: The journey has ended after 5 seasons


Z Nation ends its run after 5 seasons. Fans are sad to say goodbye to their favorite cast members and Newamerica.

Z Nation rolled into season five leaving fans on the edge of their seats waiting to discover what the black rain would bring, destruction or a new beginning? It turned out to be a little of both.

The concoction that Zona created, left the apocalyptic zombies, and humans, untouched. Now, new deaths came back as half alive zombies. Or talkers as the living named them.

Everyone marched on to Newamercia and the hopes of the promise land. The original cast, those who survived, were reunited once again. The plot changed to the divide between those who supported the talkers, and those opposed.

This season became highly political and less about the zombie apocalypse. The focus altered to standing up for people’s differences (a great topic, but not what this show started as). While one theme still played along in the background, with Dr. Sun Mei (Sydney Viengluang) working hard to find a cure.

Lt. Roberta Warren, (Kellita Smith), and George, (Katy M. O’Brian), fought to bring peace to Newmerica as they dreamed for so long. And Murphy (Keith Allan) was left to his own devices and no longer a main player.

Z Nation – courtesy of SyFy

The last season felt forced and fell flat for me. Many fans have their own theories as to the why’s and how’s of what the writers left us with. I’ll let you decide for yourselves as I’m giving no spoilers.

Watch Z Nation from its humble start of fun slapstick zombie humor, to it’s three-sixty jump to the dramatic. Will the Z Nation die-hards tune in to Black Summer, the prequel coming to Netflix in 2019?

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Only time will tell. Now go find the Zs, before they find you.

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