Shudder: Frightful new year additions for a scarier January


Wow, Shudder looks to be far and above the other streaming services where its January additions are concerned! Let’s dig in, and see what they have for us.


Cat People – Nastassija Kinski starred in this 1982 erotic horror classic as a young woman whos sexual urges transform her into a black leopard. Loosely based on the 1942 original film, one of Cat People’s claims to fame was the theme song, which was written and performed by the late, great David Bowie.

The Changeling – Perhaps my all-time favorite “ghost story” film, The Changeling counts Martin Scorcese and Guillermo del Toro among its fans. Composer John (George C. Scott) moves into a mansion to recover from the deaths of his wife and child, only to discover that the mansion is haunted by what appears to be a young boy in a wheel chair.

Although not gory, The Changeling is extremely creepy, and the séance scene is positively hair-raising! To find out more about this fantastic movie, read my “Buried Treasure” article from November.

Shudder–The Changeling–Courtesy of Chessman Park Productions

Don’t Look Now – Based on a short story by Rebecca author Daphne Du Maurier, 1973’s Don’t Look Now is known for the explicit sex scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, for the very creepy figure clad in a red cloak…and for its genuinely unsettling and horrifying ending. A couple whose little girl has died in an accident visit Venice, where the man begins to see a figure he believes to be his daughter.

The Faculty – An unappreciated 1998 horror film starring Jordana Brester, Clea Duvall, Josh Hartnett and Salma Hayek, The Faculty tells the story of a group of high school students who come to believe their teachers have been taken over by aliens.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth – Pinhead, trapped in a statue, brings himself back by sucking the life force of unfortunate humans. A reporter, played by Terry Farrell, works to return Pinhead back to hell.

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior – Thieves steel the head from a statue known as Ong-Bak, and a religious warrior named Ting works to recover it.

Ong Bak 2 – Tony Jaa returns as Ting in this prequel to Ong-Bak.

Tales from the Crypt – Featuring Joan Collins, Peter Cushing and Ralph Richardson, this is the 1972 original anthology version. Five strangers on a tour to visit some caves come across the Crypt Keeper, and he tells each of them how they will die.

Shudder–Tales From the Crypt–Courtesy Metromedia Producers Corp.


Darling – A lonely young woman becomes caretaker of an old home in New York City. Soon, she begins having terrifying visions and experiencing murderous impulses. Darling was distributed by Screen Media films after debuting at 2015’s Fantastic Fest.

The Last Showing – When a young couple go to a movie theater to watch The Hills Have Eyes 2, they encounter a deranged projectionist, played by Robert Englund.

The Void – A group of people become trapped in a hospital by some creepy hooded figures and some horrific creatures. First shown at 2016’s Fantastic Fest, The Void was given a limited release in March of 2017, and received positive reviews. It has been compared to 1980s horror films.


Night of the Living Deb – Described as a “romantic zombie comedy film” by Wikipedia, this film tells the story of Deb, an awkward young woman who wakes up in a handsome stranger’s bed after a night out. Soon, the stranger and Deb have to fight off zombies. This little independent film was funded via Kickstarter.

Shudder–Night of the Living Deb–Courtesy of Cocksure Entertainment


Cold Skin (Shudder exclusive) – An Irishman travels to a remote island to work for a year in solitude as a weather observer. When he reaches the island, he finds a mad castaway who insists he has been witness to something horrible.
January 14:
Barking Dogs Never Bite – An unemployed college professor with a pregnant wife becomes annoyed by barking dogs in his apartment building, and takes drastic measures to eliminate the problem.

Bloody Birthday – In this 1981 slasher film, three babies are born in the same hospital during a solar eclipse. Ten years later, the children begin to murder those around them. I don’t remember ever seeing this one, but I do remember the poster, which featured a birthday cake sporting candle-like fingers.

Shudder–Bloody Birthday–Judica Productions

Deadbeat at Dawn – Goose, the leader of The Ravens, quits the street gang after his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. When rival gang The Spiders kills his girlfriend, Goose seeks revenge.


A Discovery of Witches (Shudder original series) – A historian, who also happens to be a witch, finds a manuscript sought after by witches, vampires, and demons. Mysterious vampire Matthew Clairmont offers to help her decipher the book’s mysteries.


Big Man Japan – A man living alone in a broken down house in Tokyo is transformed into a 100-foot tall giant after receiving electroshocks.

Brain Damage – Brian wakes up one morning to find that he has a new “friend” named Elmer. Elmer is a brain-eating parasite who can induce trippy hallucinations, but he is hungry, and his favorite food is brains.

Shudder–Brain Damage–Courtesy of Palisades Partners

Exiled – An unlikely friendship takes place between a man, two hit men sent to kill him, and two other men sent to save his life.  each waiting for the same man to arrive. When the intended target asks the men to help him pull off a heist, they agree.

Images – A pregnant children’s book author begins suffering from hallucinations and paranoia while visiting Ireland. Actress Susannah York won the Best Actress award at the 25th Cannes Film Festival for her performance.


More from 1428 Elm

Bangkok Knockout– A group of men who are part of a “fight club” have to work together to save a kidnapped friend. To do so, they must combine their different martial arts fighting styles.

Don’t Torture a Duckling – When three children are murdered in a small Italian town, a reporter and a young woman try to find out who the murderer is. This film was directed and written by Lucio Fulci, prior to his classic Zombie.

Madhouse – This 1981 Italian-American film is classified as a slasher. As a child, Julia was tormented by her psychotic twin sister, Mary. As adults, Julia is a teacher in Savannah, still emotionally scarred by Mary’s abuse, and Mary is in a mental institution. When Mary escapes, she vows to seek revenge on her sister in the weeks leading to their birthday.

Merantau – A young man in Sumatra, skilled in martial arts, ends up in a violent battle with a human trafficking ring. Merantau made its US debut at the 2009 Austin Fantastic Fest, where it was nominated for an award. It was also screened at the first ActionFest in 2010, where it won the award for Best Film.


Don’t Leave Home (Shudder Exclusive) – An American sculptor opens a show dedicated to Irish urban legends, and is contacted by an Irish Priest who is rumored to have painted a portrait of a girl who disappeared on the same day her own image disappeared from the painting. When she is invited to his estate, she accepts, and may find out that some urban legends are true.

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Shudder subscriber? What new horror movies or series will you be checking out this month? Let the other scary streamers know what you think in the comment section below.