Freddy Friday: What gives the Dream Demon nightmares on Elm Street?


A Nightmare on Elm Street features innocent teens feeling the wrath of their nightmares in real life. But what happens when the dream tables are turned?

Throughout the 1980s, no series captured the dreams and imaginations of horror fans quite like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Featuring a nocturnal madman terrorizing countless teens, the series offers a view into what it’s like to be tortured by your own nightmares.

With a multitude of examples, blood still soaking the walls of dreamland, it’s easy to see why Freddy had an easy time killing. But what happens when Freddy sleeps? What does the Elm Street enigma dream about? More importantly, what gives that sadistic psycho nightmares?

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Fire Falls Asleep

The first thing keeping Freddy up at night is probably the night of parental justice on Elm Street. Although this lead to him being a local legend — oh, and eternally powerful murder —  the night was still painful for the Springwood native. It was the night he was burned alive. It’s also the night Krueger became the genie of the horror genre, always lethally “loyal” to those who help take his life. Only, he’s now trapped in the lamp and bound by the dreams of others.

His Girlfriend Now

Moreover, Freddy probably can’t shake his showdown with Nancy Thompson. The first to outsmart and vanquish Krueger, I imagine the events of the original Elm Street probably plays on loop in his nightmares. Worrying his next victim could be another strong survivor girl, like he found in Kristin Parker and Alice Johnson, Freddy likely wouldn’t get much sleep until he could kick the thought…or slash it away.

Warriors Dreaming

Once he gets Nancy out of his nightmares, there’s still the entire Dream Warriors gang. Along with Parker, and Johnson for good measure, there’s still a group of adversaries possibly keeping him from sleeping. While he did killed most of the gang, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they defeated the murderer multiple times — if Alice is considered an honorary member. If I were the one with a whole closet of Christmas sweaters, this would keep me up for months.

This has been another edition of Freddy Friday. We’ll see you sleepers next week in Springwood.

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