Bird Box challenge could land you on a meme, don’t do it!


Bird Box is such a popular movie that Netflix had to warn fans to not participate in a challenge that could result in hazardous consequences. You could end up as a meme or far worse.

Bird Box brings Sandra Bullock into the world of horror. The popular Netflix movie has spawned controversy as well as record setting views for the network. However, it has also inspired a challenge among fans. One that could lead to disastrous consequences.

According to The Verge, what started out as a slew of harmless memes flooding the internet has now turned into a series of crazy stunts being filmed for You Tube. It is interesting to see the evolution of how these “challenges” occur. Someone gets the bright idea that it might be cool and fun if you went about your daily activities blindfolded like Sandra Bullock’s character of Malorie.

For those of you that haven’t seen the film yet and I won’t spoil WHY they do this but whenever characters in the Bird Box have to venture outside, they must blindfold themselves in order to survive. The Bird Box challenge can last for a specified amount of time. It can be an entire day or it can be less than that.

There are no rules but the propensity for danger exists and all it is going to take is someone getting critically injured for a backlash to start. Trying to stay ahead of the curve, Netflix took to social media to try and nip these potential lawsuits waiting to happen in the bud.

Here is the tweet that was issued from the streaming giant’s official Twitter account:

The interesting part is celebrities are also getting into the act. E! News Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy took part in the craziness. In Detroit, law enforcement had to get involved and issue warnings for people not to take part in the Bird Box hot mess.

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This phenomenon is definitely not going to slow down. In fact, it is accelerating. Netflix has done their part. Since the Bird Box challenge has gone viral, all anyone can do is watch it fade and go the way of “planking” and other ill-advised shenanigans.

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