Horror movie sequels in the works that we didn’t see coming


Horror movie sequels are sometimes inevitable especially if they have the box office reach like Halloween. However, there are projects in development that no one has any idea were being made, until now.

Horror movie sequels seem to pop up these days immediately after a successful film. For example, after Halloween performed well at the box office inevitably everyone wondered if Danny McBride and David Gordon Green were working on a part 2. Then John Krasinski experienced the same phenomenon with his A Quiet Place.

Then there are those films that are cult favorites that appear to be dormant but in reality, they aren’t. In fact, there are a few of those around that have sequels in development that are flying under the radar. Let’s take a look at a recent list compiled by Idolator and see what horror gems may be coming to a theater near you in the future.

The Short List

We’re Wolves

What We Do In The Shadows is a favorite vampire movie for those fans that really enjoy horror sprinkled with comedy. Shot in mockumentary style a la This Is Spinal Tap, we follow around three vampire roomies who are just trying to deal with everyday life. It feels like the old 90’s reality show, The Real World.

Of course, there is no way they can be like everyone else and that is why their struggles are hilarious. Within that film, we met some werewolves. They would be the focus of a sequel entitled, We’re Wolves.

Specifically, the story line centers around the internal fight for supremacy between “alpha wolf” Darby and his recently transformed self.  Supposedly, Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi would be involved which is great news for fans but it has been reported that Waititi has moved on to other projects.

Unfortunately, it looks like this sequel might have to be tabled for a while. As Waititi told Indiewire back in 2017, “You aren’t going to see it for seven years.”

300 Franchise

This idea for a 300 franchise has been germinating in Zack Snyder’s brain since 2016 when he told Collider that he wants to explore taking the premise of the story and focusing on other wars.

While I understand that the original movie was not an accurate depiction of history, I thoroughly enjoyed the action aspect of it. However, I would be interested in seeing exactly how this idea of Snyder’s would work.

His suggestion of the Alamo is feasible within his particular parameters. For the Revolutionary War, perhaps he could focus on the battle at Camden, South Carolina which resulted in horrific casualties or Bunker Hill. Maybe Snyder could also look at the Civil War and the Battle of Antietam which had over “22,717 soldiers dead, wounded or missing in action.”

This sequel may not see the light of day for now because the director has attached himself to direct a remake of The Fountainhead. Yes, it is the adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel.

District 10

Neill Blomkamp confirmed two years ago in a chat with Screen Rant that he was interested in revisiting Wikus and Christopher’s story. However, in that same article he also didn’t leave much hope as to when he would continue the saga.

In the director’s words:

"“The issue right now is that I have many other projects and ideas that I also want to work on and complete.”"

Currently, if you look at his IMDb filmography, he has announced a Robocop Returns film along with an Alien project. However, that particular venture is on hold at the moment because of the poor performance of Alien Covenant. He is in pre-production on a movie entitled Greenland starring Chris Evans. No information on that venture as of yet.

World War Z 2

Even though World War Z, the adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel (yes, the son of legendary comedic director, Mel) didn’t kill at the box office, David Fincher was interested in directing the sequel. IMDb has the status of this effort in “active” development.

Star Brad Pitt who is fresh off Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, has many irons in the fire as a producer. From Wrong Answer to a mini-series for television based on the explorers Lewis and Clark. Could he find time to squeeze WWZ2 in?

Because of both Fincher and Pitt being committed to other efforts, Digital Spy reported that shooting on this zombie flick may not occur until June. That being said if this production comes to fruition it probably wouldn’t reach theaters until 2020.


For those of you Vin Diesel lovers and followers of Pitch Black and Riddick guess what? It looks like the saga may continue. David Twohy and the actor are to be involved in this production which is showing in an announced status on IMDb.

In this proposed installment, Riddick finds his home planet Furia. However according to Vin:

"“For the next film (Furia), you have to go to the Underverse, you want to go to the Underverse and you’ll have to go through the Underverse to get to Furya. So, those are the two stories that are mapped out.”"

However, the horror film has been in the same status since 2017. Sounds like it may be caught in development hell. Meanwhile the Fast & Furious franchise marches on with 9 in pre-production and showing as possibly being released in 2020. As for 10, that has just been announced but looks like it will release in 2021.

So, maybe it might be safe to assume that if this does get made, it might be in 2022.

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There you have it! It remains to be seen whether any of these films will go all the way into production but that is the way Hollywood works, a massive hurry up and wait game.

Which of these horror films do you want to see go into production first? Share your comments in the section below. We want to hear from you.