Andrew Lincoln: Rick Grimes movies inspired by Unforgiven


Andrew Lincoln is set to star in several movies for AMC built around his character on The Walking Dead of Rick Grimes. Everyone knows that; however, the actor has revealed the idea behind the upcoming productions.

Andrew Lincoln had a great run on The Walking Dead. Let’s face it, Rick was a beloved character. While everyone was sad to see him leave the series, they knew he would be returning as the star in several movies for AMC.

When he appeared on The Talking Dead in November of last year, the actor revealed his vision for those productions with the parent network. While we have an idea that Rick’s future stories might entail other adventures beyond his old home of Alexandria, Virginia, everything seemed sort of vague beyond that.

Not anymore. Interestingly enough, Lincoln likened his character’s upcoming journey to an Academy Award winning motion picture western. Last year at New York Comic Con, his former co-star Norman Reedus compared season 9 of the series to “a scary, heartfelt western.”

Now, it is revealed that Rick Grimes will be following a path similar to Clint Eastwood’s character in the sweeping 1992 epic, Unforgiven. For those of you that might not have seen the film, this is the ultimate love letter as well as a farewell to the genre that made Eastwood famous.

In that film, the actor-director portrayed William Munny, a retired gun for hire who is pressed into service again by a younger man to avenge a prostitute who was mutilated at the hands of some rough clients. Feeling rusty, Munny also enlists the help of his former partner, Ned (Morgan Freeman) before undertaking the “job.”

Unforgiven took home 4 Oscars in 1993, one for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Film Editing. If this is what Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have in mind to continue the story of Rick Grimes fans won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Lincoln seems excited at the prospect of continuing Grimes’ journey in this manner. According to Comicbook, the actor had this to say when he compared his character to Clint Eastwood’s:

"“If you’ve got an audience that knows this character, and you find him in a new place, in a new whatever that may look like, and he’s not the same guy, but you know what’s inside of him. I thought that’s quite an interesting starting point.”"

What we know so far from Deadline is that the first installment in Grimes’ saga will “explore the story of where Rick is taken and what he faces in a new corner of the zombie apocalypse.”

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Look for the Rick Grimes story to continue sometime this year.

Are you looking forward to seeing Andrew Lincoln again? What do you think of Unforgiven being the inspiration for the movie saga? Feel free to share your comments in the section below. We want to hear from you.