Jamie Lee Curtis will receive Lifetime Achievement Award from ICG


Horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis will receive a special award to celebrate her career in film and television.

You’ve watched her run away from a masked serial killer, have a high-school prom that will remain in her memory for years, and you’ve even watched her switch bodies with Lindsay Lohan – the usual, but only if you are Jamie Lee Curtis. Our main scream queen has a filmography that many actors would love to have, covering both film and television, and spanning various genres.

In addition to that, Curtis is also a best-selling children’s author, having published 13 books since 1993, the most recent one released last year. In short, Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty much unstoppable, and now she will have one more award to add the her shelf, as she is getting a special one to celebrate her prolific career.

Via Deadline, Jamie Lee Curtis will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 56th Annual International Cinematographers Guild Publicists Awards, taking place on February 22. Past recipients of the award include Julie Andrews, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Robert Zemeckis, and Betty White. That’s some really good company!

Steven Poster, president of the Cinematographers Guild, said in a statement:

"“We are thrilled to honor Jamie Lee Curtis, who has created a celebrated body of film and television work that spans many genres. Who wasn’t frightened by her Laurie Strode character in Halloween – and just as terrified in her reprise portrayal 40 years later? Her artistic talents have generated a legacy of characters that are embedded in our minds forever. We are honored to spotlight her varied and award-winning career”."

Halloween is usually the title that first comes to mind when you hear her name, especially after her recent return to the franchise, but her career in the horror genre goes beyond Haddonfield and Michael Myers. She reunited with John Carpenter in 1980 in The Fog, and starred later that year in Paul Lynch’s Prom Night. Other horror titles in her career are Terror Train, Roadgames, and Virus.

She has also appeared in a number of romantic movies and comedies because, if it’s not clear yet, she can do anything. Surely, you remember My Girl (you probably cried, don’t lie), or the 2003 adaptation of Freaky Friday. Or if you’re still in holidays-mode, you probably watched Christmas with the Kranks at least once.

Curtis has also been part of various TV shows and TV movies, most recently Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, which marked her return to the horror genre. Later this year, we will see her in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, a mystery crime movie alongside Chris Evans and Ana de Armas (you probably remember her from Eli Roth’s Knock Knock).

Let’s just say, it’s a Jamie Lee Curtis world and we’re living in it – and I’m loving it. Setting all the genre goodness aside, Curtis has a heart of gold, that shows in her charity work and her interaction with fans. Remember that one fan at last year’s San Diego Comic Con that shared his story on how Laurie Strode saved his life? She is a true gem.

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Her future in the Halloween franchise might be a mystery (for now, at least) but you can be sure we will keep seeing more from her, either on the big screen, television, a bookstore, or a streaming platform (the future is here, remember that).

Do you want to see Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role in a sequel to Halloween? Feel free to comment in the section below.