The 6th Friend is the perfect slasher for a new era in theaters January 11th


Most would say the slasher at a cabin in the woods is cliche. I say it’s a tried and true classic. The 6th Friend is the latest in the sub-genre, and it’s a slasher for this generation.

I was given the opportunity to screen the new slasher film The 6th Friend ahead of it’s theatrical release on January 11th. Jamie Bernadette first came to my attention in the horror comedy 4/20 Massacre, and I knew she had something special. It turns out she has been acting for the past 12 years with 84 titles already on her resume.

Fans of Midnight,Texas may recognize her as Peaches one of the vampires Fiji lures into a hotel and kills in Season 2 episode 7 “Resting Witch Face.” Now, the young talent adds another credit to her repertoire as she has written the story and screen play for The 6th Friend.

That’s right ladies and germs, she’s double trouble. If you don’t know her work yet you will. So how is her first outing? Read on to find out residents of Elm Street.

The 6th Friend tells the story of six friends that reunite at a cabin where they suffered a traumatic event 5 years prior. Jamie Bernadette plays Joey, the friend who has distanced herself from the tragic experience.

She is dragged to the reunion by Melissa, who has taken a different approach to the event, to seek fame from it.  Of course, the past comes back to haunt them in a violent way.

A wise man once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That still rings true. While The 6th Friend may seem like a familiar story it has enough going for it to be a good movie in it’s own right.

My only problem is with the film’s pacing. With a run time of an hour and 25 minutes, there is a solid 42 minutes where not much is happening. You can tell this is a new era for slasher films because if The 6th Friend followed the rules, then the movie would have been over in the first 10 minutes.

Jamie Bernadette is the final girl/scream queen this generation desperately needs. Her character is tough but flawed.

Gone are the days of the squeaky clean Laurie Strode type heroines, and we’re better off for it. We can only hope she can keep turning out efforts like The 6th Friend. It’s time for a resurgence of slasher films.

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To put it simply residents of Elm Street, if you have the chance to see this movie in your local theater you won’t be sorry.

Will you be checking out The 6th Friend? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.