The forgotten: Horror/sci-fi classics you may have missed

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Horror- Sunshine – Cillian Murphy – Courtesy of DNA Films, Ingenious Film Partners, Moving Picture Company (MPC)

3. Sunshine (2007)

Danny Boyle’s sci-fi/horror epic set in space is candy for the eyes. Believe it or not, Chris (Captain America) Evans plays a real d.b. in this movie who has it in for Cillian Murphy’s character. But I guess that is one of the consequences of being stuck in a spaceship with virtual strangers for a journey to the sun.

Our star is winding down. Earth is facing the inevitable end. Armed with a nuclear bomb, Cillian Murphy and crew must reignite the sun so that life can continue back home. However, their mission gets sidetracked when they start receiving a signal from the spacecraft that preceded them.

They decide to go and investigate what happened to the crew. Upon arriving on the sister ship, they discover that everyone except the Captain was incinerated. At this point, they find him and he is frightening.

Looking very reminiscent of Sam Neill’s horrifically burned character in Event Horizon, he terrorizes the search party before they finally terminate him. Almost jeopardizing their mission, they return to their ship to discover they don’t have much time to complete their task.

I won’t tell you about the ending. All I will say is that it is deeply moving and breathtakingly beautiful.