The forgotten: Horror/sci-fi classics you may have missed

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Horror- Josh Hamilton – Keri Russell – Dark Skies – Courtesy of © 2013 – Dimension Films

2. Dark Skies (2013)

This movie is not to be confused with the Steven Spielberg TV show of the same name about the same subject, extraterrestrials. Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star as Lacy and Daniel Barrett in this Blumhouse production about unseen entities terrorizing a family. Their once happy life is disrupted by a series of disconcerting and disturbing events. From a display of lights in the kitchen, to their house alarm going off for no apparent reason in the middle of the night, to seeing a strange figure hovering over their son in his bedroom, nothing will be the same for the Barretts ever again.

After being driven to their wits end, Lacy and Daniel set up a surveillance camera only to discover three extraterrestrials in their youngest son’s room. Once they know what they are dealing with they seek out the counsel of Edwin Pollard, an alien abductee and expert on ETs.

The wonderfully versatile and extremely talented, J.K. Simmons plays Pollard with such conviction and deep sadness that you don’t think he is crazy. You believe that he has seen some really horrendous things at the hands of beings from another world.

I have seen many films dealing with this subject matter and I can honestly say that this one will stick with you and may have you leaving a light on in your room at night.