Unsolved Mysteries finds a home with streaming giant Netflix


Unsolved Mysteries, everybody’s favorite reality series has found a home with Netflix. Fans get ready to solve crimes.

Unsolved Mysteries was appointment television for me in the 80’s. I enjoyed this show so much that I applied to be a production assistant on it during the 90’s. So, I was really excited when Entertainment Weekly reported that this series was going to be revived by none other than Netflix.

Before the Investigation Discovery Channel existed, true crime buffs had Unsolved Mysteries to watch. What made this program cool was the fact that most of the cases presented were unusual and, in some instances, terrifying. Another reason was the fact that viewers were encouraged to call a toll-free number if they had any tips that might lead to an arrest or recovery of a missing person.

The only other tv series that elicited audience participation at that time beyond game shows was America’s Most Wanted with John Walsh. Unsolved Mysteries also reintroduced audiences to Robert Stack.

Stack was a veteran actor that made a name for himself in the early days of television by portraying Elliot Ness on The Untouchables. He had a very distinct manner of speaking and quickly became an iconic figure in his trench coat.

For 9 years, Stack hosted Unsolved Mysteries on NBC. However, in 1997, the show jumped networks and landed at CBS. For some unknown reason, Virginia Madsen became Stack’s co-host before the series was cancelled in 1999.

Lifetime swooped in and scooped up the series in 2000 and ran it for a year. Unfortunately, after the show went off the air for the final time, Robert Stack passed away.

In 2008, Spike rebooted the series again with Dennis Farina as the host. Farina who started his career in television oddly enough on Police Story was actually a retired cop from Chicago. After two years on the network, the show ended.

Segue to the present when it was announced that the original producing team of Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove would once again helm the series, this time to be reborn on Netflix. Courtesy of 21 Laps production company which produces Stranger Things and is run by Shawn Levy and Josh Barry.

Meurer will serve as a co-showrunner along with Robert Wise while Cosgrove will remain behind the scenes as the executive producer. So, this is great news for fans because it means that the integrity of the series will be preserved and now a new generation can look forward to being crime solvers.

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As of yet, no start date has been given for this reboot of the iconic series. Stay tuned as we will be following this story closely for updates.

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