Shudder additions to love in February, including original doc Horror Noire


Shudder has just released its list of new movies and series for February, and it includes an original documentary called Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. Along with the documentary comes a Horror Noire Collection.


FEATURED COLLECTION: LOVE SICK — Cross the thin line between love and terror with Shudder’s collection of movies and series celebrating the dark side of love. Movies included:

Are We Not Cats – Variety called this movie “goofy and gross”, and the plot sounds ummm…let’s say “different.” Anya’s pink wig hides a strange little quirk: she eats her own hair. When she meets Eli, who has the same quirk, they fall in love.

Beast – A woman finds herself drawn to an outsider who also happens to be a murder suspect. As their relationship grows, more bodies are piling up.

Shudder—Black Sunday—Courtesy Galatea Films

Black Sunday – Released in 1960, this film was banned in the UK and censored in the US due to its violence and gore. Featuring horror legend Barbara Steele, Black Sunday is the story of a witch who was executed 200 years ago, and returns to seek vengeance.

Double Lover  – Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, this French thriller tells the story of Chloe’, who discovers that her psychoanalyst/lover is hiding a secret.

Follow  – A man receives a gift from his girlfriend, but he blacks out. When he comes to, he begins a horrifying descent into madness. Follow was a nominee for the Best American Independent Feature Film at Cleveland’s Film Festival in 2016.

Honeymoon– Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful) appear as a newlywed couple on an ill-fated honeymoon.

The Last Circus – A beautiful trapeze artist is torn between Javier and Sergio, the circus’s happy and sad clowns. The Last Circus premiered at the 2010 Venice film festival.

Shudder—Let the Right One In—Courtesy EFTI

Let the Right One In – This is the original 2008 Swedish version, which is superior to the US remake. Oskar, a 12-year old boy who is often bullied, becomes friends with Eli, a girl who also happens to be a vampire. If you haven’t seen this one (or if you have only seen the remake), I highly recommend it.

Little Deaths – A British anthology, Little Deaths includes three disturbing tales of sex and death. The UK DVD was censored to remove some scenes of sexual violence.

Night of the Living Deb – Described as a “romantic zombie comedy film” by Wikipedia, this film tells the story of Deb, an awkward young woman who wakes up in a handsome stranger’s bed after a night out. Soon, the stranger and Deb have to fight off zombies.

November – Set in 19th century Estonia, November tells the story of a village that has been invaded by the devil. Liina is in love with Hans, who is in love with the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat.

Spring – Described as a “romantic body horror” film, Spring introduces us to Evan, an American man who has just lost his mother to cancer. When he travels to Italy, he meets Louise, who carries a horrific secret.

Shudder—Spring—Courtesy Rustic Films

Beyond the Walls – This French miniseries is about a woman who has inherited the empty house across the street from her apartment. After hearing mysterious cries inside the walls, she becomes trapped within them.

Office Killer – Meek and mousey Dorine (Carol Kane) accidentally electrocutes a coworker, and then goes completely off the rails. She begins to kill off more coworkers, as she loses her grip on sanity.

The Others – Nicole Kidman plays Grace, who lives in an old home with her two photosensitive children. The home appears to be haunted, but things are not as they seem. The Others is known for its twist ending.

Shudder—The Others—Courtesy Cruise/Wagner Productions

The Loved Ones –  When teenage Lola invites Brent to the prom, he declines. Bad decision, because Lola now wants revenge.

Sleepy Hollow – Jonny Depp and Christina Ricci star in Tim Burton’s classic tale of Ichabod Crane. The sets are gorgeously creepy, and the soundtrack is, of course, written and produced by Danny Elfman. Sleepy Hollow scored an Academy Award for art direction, and was nominated for cinematography and costume design.


Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror —  Shudder’s first original documentary focuses on films dedicated to, starring, and made by black Americans. We’re talking about movies like Night of the Living Dead, Blacula, Candyman, Get Out  and the highly anticipated Us.

Horror Noire will feature interviews with notables such as Jordan Peele, Tony Todd and Paula Jai Parker. Accompanying the documentary will be the Horror Noire Collection, featuring Night of the Living Dead, Ganja & Hess, The People Under the Stairs (personal favorite),Tales From the Hood, Bones, and Kuso.


Brain Damage – Brian wakes up one morning to find that he has a new “friend” named Elmer. Elmer is a brain-eating parasite who can induce trippy hallucinations, but he requires brains to sustain him.
Images – A pregnant children’s book author begins suffering from hallucinations and paranoia while visiting Ireland. Actress Susannah York won the Best Actress award for her portrayal at the 25th Cannes Film Festival.


The Crucifixion — A Romanian priest and four nuns are charged with murder after a botched exorcism. When a journalist starts investigating, she begins to have terrifying visions.

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Madhouse – This 1981 Italian-American film is classified as a slasher. As a child, Julia was tormented by her psychotic twin sister, Mary. As adults, Julia is a teacher in Savannah (still emotionally scarred by Mary’s abuse), and Mary is in a mental institution. When Mary escapes, she vows to seek revenge on her sister in the weeks leading to their birthday.

Don’t Torture a Duckling – When three children are murdered in a small Italian town, a reporter and a young woman try to find out who the murderer is. This film was directed and written by Lucio Fulci, prior to his classic Zombi.

Over Your Dead Body – In this Japanese supernatural horror film, actors rehearsing a play about a ghost story become embroiled in a struggle between reality and the play.


Eli Roth’s History of Horror – AMC’s excellent original documentary about the evolution of horror movies comes to Shudder. Informative and entertaining, HoH includes interviews with Stephen King, Jordan Peele, Quentin Tarantino, Greg Nicotero, among others. If you didn’t catch this seven episode series on AMC, now is your chance.


Deadbeat at Dawn – Goose, the leader of The Ravens, quits the street gang after his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. When rival gang The Spiders kills the girlfriend, Goose seeks revenge.

Shudder—Bloody Birthday—Courtesy Judica Productions

Bloody Birthday – In this 1981 slasher film, three babies are born in the same hospital during a solar eclipse. Ten years later, the children begin to murder those around them. I don’t remember ever seeing this one, but I do remember the poster, which featured a birthday cake sporting candle-like fingers.
A Boy and His Dog – After the earth has been ravaged by war, a teenage boy named Vic, along with his telepathic dog, Blood, struggle to survive. Featuring a young Don Johnson, this 1975 film is considered a cult classic, and sports one doozy of a punchline ending!

I personally love Shudder, and look forward to their new additions each month. Tell me how you feel about the streaming service.

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