UFO over Georgia: Are aliens really observing us or optical illusion?


A UFO was spotted flying over Conyers, Georgia last week. Square in shape and black in color the mysterious object appeared to be the size of a 727. Is this proof that aliens are observing us?

A UFO was reported to the Mutual UFO Network a.k.a. MUFON on Jan. 30. It was seen flying over Conyers, Georgia which is a suburb of Atlanta. Footage of the object was captured on a cell phone.

Watching this unknown aircraft is eerie. From the eyewitness account, the UFO was the size of a 727. Plus, it looks like nothing that is currently flying around in our skies.

At first, if you slow the video down, you might think that it is a plane pulling a banner. Football fans know that the Super Bowl is being held in the state so that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

However, that illusion is quickly stripped away. According to UFO Sightings Daily, this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) isn’t alone. Another silvery object can be seen hovering above the black square. Which makes you wonder if it is an escort of some kind.

Before we jump to any conclusions, I must point out that Dobbins Air Reserve Base is in the vicinity and so is Lockheed. It has been rumored that Dobbins is a test site for “plasma and anti-gravity aircraft along with experimental vehicles and weapons.” However, it is also in the middle of a city on the outskirts of Atlanta.

UFO over Georgia – Scout object with square craft – Courtesy of UFO Sightings Daily

If you are dealing with propulsion systems of that nature would you really be putting them on display? Or if you were doing test runs perhaps you want the general public to think that UFOs are in the vicinity so that can be a ruse for what is really going on.

Either way, both of those theories seem unlikely. Take a look at the video and see what you think the strange craft could be.

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Oddly enough, there have been other sightings of this very specifically shaped craft in the U.S. Maybe this one will have to go into the file for the unexplained.

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