Child’s Play remake teaser: Meet the new Buddi doll this Friday


The Child’s Play trailer teaser dropped today. Time to say hello to the new “Buddi” doll.

Child’s Play was a classic movie directed by Tom Holland. We all remember it and love the concept of the “Good Guy” doll that was possessed by a serial killer, becoming slasher doll Chucky. This peculiar character is engraved in our memories for various reasons, but a new version is coming our way with a few changes here and there.

Directed by Lars Klevberg, the new Child’s Play will follow the same line as the original but with a twist on the doll’s evil origin and even the name of the toy itself. The now called “Buddi” doll comes with a bunch of enhancements such as voice recognition and sensors and cameras to learn from human interaction, which is creepy enough on its own, but there’s a reason behind all these characteristics, and Mr. Henry Kaslan is here to explain.

The official Child’s Play Twitter account shared a “teaser” in the shape of a fake commercial featuring Henry Kaslan (played by Tim Matheson), founder and CEO of Kaslan Corp. In it, Mr. Kaslan talks about the company’s mission on building “revolutionary technology” to create a “positive impact”, and their newest project which is the “greatest” and “most interactive toy on the market”.

He goes on to explain that they did something “far more special” than that, and that every child deserves “a companion, a friend, that will never let you down”. Meet “Buddi”… well, not just yet, as the “official” announcement will come this Friday, Feb. 8. Attached to the teaser comes a link to Kaslan’s website, where you can take a deeper look at what the company is about and the products they have developed so far. And, of course, a countdown to the “big reveal”.

This might not be the type of teaser the audience was hoping for but it works incredibly well. Back in November, the studio launched a “Buddi” site where you can see all the characteristics of these dolls. The teaser is very on brand with what they are doing in terms of marketing and, honestly, I love it. Remember: it’s the future and we’re living in it.

This fake commercial also low-key plants the seed of fear: we know what can go wrong with these dolls, and we know what’s going to happen, but we don’t know how they’re going to deal with the impending chaos. As mentioned above, all the enhancements the dolls come with are creepy enough already, so let’s say it’s a double threat in a way.

And now we wait to see if the trailer will also follow this style and if they will reveal the Buddi doll in full slasher mode or will keep it a secret for a bit longer.

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Child’s Play, directed by Lars Klevberg, and starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry is scheduled to be released on June 21.

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