Bruce Campbell: Top 5 times Ash Williams got the girl

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Bruce Campbell played Ash Williams for close to 4 decades. During that time, his character who fancied himself a lothario had some memorable encounters. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to look back at his top 5 romantic (well, sort of!) moments.

Bruce Campbell has retired one of his fan favorite characters, Ash Williams. After playing him for nearly 4 decades, it was time to move on. During his run, viewers watched as he went from an awkward 21-year-old to an even more awkward 50 something.

Yet, even at his most cringeworthy moments, there was something inherently likeable albeit loveable about Ash. Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, I decided to take a look at his top 5 romantic (well, sort of) encounters from the Evil Dead movies up to Ash vs Evil Dead.

Top 5 Times that Ash Got the Girl

5. Ash Wants Some Sugar (Ash vs Evil Dead S02 E10-Second Coming)

After the showdown in the cabin, Baal and Evil Ruby (or so we think) are defeated, Pablo is resurrected and all is right with the world. Finally, Elk Grove recognizes that Ash is a hero after 30 plus years and not a murderer. For vanquishing evil, he is honored with a celebration in the center of town.

Amidst the revelry, Ash and Linda share a moment. She tells him that now he can relax and do whatever he wants. This prompts a re-do of the famous Army of Darkness scene. Except this time, he utters, “I want some sugar.”  Deep dipping Linda, he plants a kiss squarely on her lips.

4. Hail to the King, Baby! (Army of Darkness)

Perhaps one of the best endings from a horror movie, I chose this over the obvious, “Give me some sugar,” because it has more of a romantic flair to it. Ash is successful in saving S-Mart and all of its customers from Deadite decimation.

In a moment of triumph, he is able to summon up the courage to kiss the cute co-worker that he has had his eye on for a while. Notice how sweet and shy he is when she approaches him prior to the chaos. A far cry from the older, wiser (?) Ash of Ash vs Evil Dead.

It is good to see a guy that has gone through so much trauma finally get the girl.

3. Amanda and Ash’s First Kiss (Ash vs Evil Dead S01 E08 – Ashes to Ashes)

Much like in the movie, The Fugitive, the vibe between Ash and Amanda Fisher was one of the pursuer vs the pursued. Fisher was relentless in her quest to bring Williams to justice because she blamed him for her partner’s murder as well as the countless other Deadite casualties.

However, after Killer of Killers (S01 E06) and her firsthand account of the bloody mayhem in the Western Moose restaurant, she now understands that he is the savior and not the devil that she originally thought him to be. There is a bit of subtle flirting between the two at the end but you can clearly tell that Ash is somewhat smitten with her.

So, when they are in the cabin together in Ashes to Ashes, Amanda finally gets to kiss Ash but it turns out to be his evil twin. Obviously, this makes the tender moment bittersweet.

Even though it is evil Ash saying this to her, it is nonetheless impactful.

"“What’s important is I can give you everything you want and I want you.”"

Let’s face it, this line is guaranteed to melt even the coldest heart and Bruce Campbell’s delivery makes it sexy as all get out.