Five frightening films to stream exclusively on Shudder

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Have you checked out horror movie streaming service Shudder yet? I am amazed how many of my horror-loving friends either don’t subscribe, or often don’t even know about Shudder. We all know that the horror movie selections on most streaming services are somewhat dismal, with the exception of the September-October plethora of scary additions. But, Shudder has plenty of horror, all year round!

Shudder has plenty of classics, and old and new favorites, as well as an impressive selection of Shudder Exclusives that can’t be streamed elsewhere. For the purposes of this article, I am focusing solely on the current exclusives. And remember, these are just my personal favorites (so far); you should definitely tune in and choose your own as well.

If you find yourself interested in subscribing after reading about the 5 awesome flicks I am about to recommend, hop on over to their website to get your own subscription. You can pay as you go at $4.99 per month, or get a full year for $47.88.

Shudder -5 Frightening Flicks

Mayhem – This is the movie that enticed me to try Shudder for the first time, and it’s a doozy. The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun plays an ambitious lawyer, who arrives at work one day to discover his favorite mug is missing. That is only the tip of the iceberg where this very bad day is concerned, because things get far worse when there is an outbreak of the ID-7 “Red Eye” virus in the building.

ID-7 causes extreme rage, often resulting in murder, and when Derek becomes infected, he seeks revenge on the higher-ups. Yeun and the awesome Samara Weaving (The Babysitter) are great in this fun, bloody, violent film.

Shudder -Mayhem—Courtesy of Shudder

The Changeling – I almost feel guilty talking about this movie yet again, but it really is one of the best “ghost story” movies of all time, and you can currently only stream it on Shudder. Released in 1980, The Changeling features George C. Scott as a composer who moves into a creepy mansion in Seattle after the death of his wife and daughter.

After he hears banging noises late at night, he discovers a mysterious hidden bedroom in the attic, and begins to believe the house is haunted by a boy in a wheelchair. The hair-raising highlights of this film include a truly chilling séance and a red rubber ball that returns from its watery grave.

Shudder -The Changeling—Courtesy of Shudder

Summer of ’84 – If you enjoyed Stand By Me and Stranger Things, but also like really dark fare, this is the movie for you. It’s 1984, and a small town in Oregon has fallen victim to a serial killer, with thirteen teenage boys missing over the past decade. Fifteen-year-old Davey becomes convinced that his neighbor Mr. Mackey (who is a police officer) is the killer, and convinces his friends to help him prove it.

A good deal of Summer of ’84 plays as a light-hearted whodunit/coming of age film for the most part, but the final thirty minutes turns pitch-black and horrifying…the ending made my stomach drop. I love a horror movie that keeps me on my toes, and this one definitely did!

Shudder -Summer of 84—Courtesy of Shudder