Five frightening films to stream exclusively on Shudder

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You Might Be the Killer – This is a fun comedy/horror flick, the tone reminded me of Joss Whedon’s Cabin In the Woods. Sam, the owner of Camp Clear Vista, calls his horror-loving friend Chuck (played by the great Alyson Hannigan) in a panic. There is a masked killer on the loose at Clear Vista, and he has killed most of the counselors.

Sam is hiding, but needs Chuck’s expertise to help him get out alive. As he tells her what has happened, both Chuck and Sam begin to suspect that the masked killer may actually be Sam himself. As I said, there is a strong comedic element to this movie, but don’t let that fool you; there are plenty of gory deaths and suspense as well.

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Revenge – Strap yourself in before watching this rape-revenge story. When we first meet Jen (played by Matilda Lutz), she’s in a helicopter belonging to her married boyfriend Richard, on her way to spend a clandestine weekend at his secluded home in the desert. She looks like any stereotypical hyper-sexualized blonde bombshell, right down to the lollipop she is sucking on. When Richard’s two hunting buddies show up a day before he is expecting them, the three men and Jen enjoy an evening party at the pool, drinking and dancing.

Jen is clearly enjoying the attention she is receiving from the men, but it’s all in good fun for her. The following day, while Richard is on an errand, one of his creepy buddies puts the moves on her, convinced that she was coming on to him the night before. The situation escalates into rape, and when Richard returns, he tries to bribe Jen not to report the incident. She flees into the desert, and ends up left for dead after a shocking act performed by Richard.

But, dead she is not, and she wants revenge. Jen is a tough cookie, and by the time the movie really kicks into gear, even her physical appearance has changed. Clad only in a sports bra and boy shorts, her body looks like a lean fighting machine, despite her grievous injury.

Her hair is so matted with dirt, blood and sweat that it doesn’t even look blonde anymore. While the ending isn’t exactly a surprise, it is still a mad, wild ride to get there. I really liked this film a lot, obviously. Be prepared: there are copious amounts of blood spilled, so it’s not a film for the weak of stomach.

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Wow, talking about these movies has made me want to watch them all over again! I hope you will watch at least one or two of them, and let me know what you think. The last I knew, Shudder was offering a free trial period, so check it out!

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