A Decade of Terror: The best horror films of the 2010s

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The Witch–Courtesy of A24

The Witch (2016)

The Witch is a perfect movie. It isn’t without its fair share of detractors, but what masterpiece is? Set in 1630s New England, Robert Eggers’ directorial debut follows a family who builds a farm in a secluded, wooded territory after being banished from their colony over a religious disagreement. A tragedy occurs soon after (If you’ve never seen the film, it’s best not to be spoiled), and it casts the family into a prolonged period of suffering.

Like many of the best horror films of the decade, Eggers layers the supernatural element of The Witch subtly across the run-time, increasing in magnitude as the film grows closer to its intense climax. It is, by and large, a slow-burning portrait of familial misery, faith, and lack thereof that culminates in a rewarding, unforgettable ending for patient viewers.

Fortunately for fans of horror cinema, The Witch turned its lead Anya Taylor-Joy into a star who has since gone on to enjoy a great amount of success within the genre. The Witch also solidified director Robert Eggers’ place as a unique, attention-demanding force. The filmmaker is attached to a remake of vampire classic Nosferatu, and is set to make waves again later this year with the release of The Lighthouse.