Myers Monday: Is Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel in trouble?


Blumhouse recently announced a writer for its Halloween sequel. While fans await the Shape’s resurrection, is there blood already in the Haddonfield water?

Welcome to another edition of Myers Monday. We hope you enjoy your trip to Haddonfield.

The Boogeyman Returns

After years under Rob Zombie’s control, Michael Myers finally returned to theaters last October. With a mountain of press behind him, the Shape faced off against his second biggest foe (Laurie Strode) and her band of badass offsprings.

It all culminates (*spoiler alert) with Michael trapped in Laurie’s basement awaiting to be burned alive, but the credits reveal the Haddonfield horror is alive and breathing — the terror is far from over.

But with Blumhouse hiring a new writer for the sequel, does that mean there’s trouble in Smith’s Grove? Is this an indication early talks between the reboot’s creative and the popular production house isn’t going well?

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Half Done In Haddonfield

Months before Universal unleashed the Shape back into cinemas, the writing team already had ideas for a follow up. David Gordon Green (director, co-writer), Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley (co-writers) already were expecting to take Myers out of that basement before ignition. In fact, the original plan was to shoot two films back to back, with the notion ultimately being nixed. But with a new writer on board, are their original ideas still the plan?

Writer’s Wrath

A few days ago, Blumhouse announced they’d hired Scott Teems to write Halloween 2. A scribe Jason Blum has increasingly called upon, it’s no surprise the writer who’s been pumping out Stephen King adaptions is handling Myers.

What is surprising, however, is why Teems is even coming on board in the first place. Does this mean Green isn’t coming back, a director with a vision on where to take the story he started? If so, what does this mean for returning star Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress has stated she’d come back with Green, but heavily implied that’s the only way Laurie is coming back. So, is there trouble in Haddonfield?

Smith’s Groove

While there’s certainly nothing to worry about, this could mean things are changing in Haddonfield. If it does, and Green doesn’t come back, that doesn’t mean what we’re getting will be crap. But as it stands, I’d be lying if I said I’m not a worried Halloween fan.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you trick ‘r treaters next week in Haddonfield.

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