Harry’s Gone Away: My Bloody Valentine heart still pumping after 38 years


With it being Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at the granddaddy of all lovelorn slashers, 1981’s My Bloody Valentine. Be our valentine…

Blood Pumping Through The ’80s

With the success of Halloween, Friday the 13th hits cinema in 1980 and changes everything. Proving a copycat of John Carpenter’s eventual classic will work, producers finding easy money in the process, countless imitations follow the machete. Whether New Year’s Evil, Happy Birthday to Me or April Fool’s Day, there was seemingly a holiday horror movie every weekend in the decade of excess.

With it being Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at arguably the best Halloween copycat of them all. Yes, maybe even better than Mrs. Voorhees getting her revenge. So, will you be My Bloody Valentine?

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Lover’s Lane From Hell

Slashing its way from Canada, My Bloody Valentine tells a horrifically simple story about a tragically simple mining town. Years after Harry Wardon goes on a murder rampage, the coal miner returns home to bestow the ultimate reckoning, killing countless innocence in his path. With his trusty pick axe, seemingly no one stands a chance.

They say you should never go into a coal mine alone. They never said anything about what runs red in Valentine Bluffs.

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Hanniger Minefield

One thing setting My Bloody Valentine apart for other generic slashers is the script. Written by Stephen Miller and John Beaird, the story is strong, forming it’s narrative around an interesting love triangle. While the movie almost has no protagonist (a very weak one), the way the writers plays the three tangoing in a dance of life and passion is great.

For example, T.J (protagonist) and Axel, two men fighting for Sara’s affections, must venture into the mine in search of her while a murder is offing everyone. Eventually, the situation comes to a head in a solid climax. One I wouldn’t ruin those who haven’t see. I mean, could I be your valentine if I did?

Bleeding Heart

Debuting in February of 1981, My Bloody Valentine is a cut about the average slasher ripoff. Featuring solid direction from George Mihalka, the now classic slasher film has aged remarkably well in the past four decades. In the midst of some sluggish acting, the film shines as an example of art meeting commerce. Sure, it was meant to make money, but My Bloody Valentine is still making hearts skip beats after almost four decades and loving you to death ever since.

Happy Valentines Day from 1428 Elm. If you don’t have someone special, Harry Warden is always waiting with pick axe in hand.

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