Women in Horror Month: One for the books with these memorable authors

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2. Ann Rule – And Never Let Her Go

Women in Horror Month – Ann Rule – And Never Let Her Go – Courtesy of Betty Udesen-The Seattle Times-AP Photo

Although Ann Rule is a true crime novelist, I think she is worthy of being included on this list for Women in Horror Month. Let’s face it, there is nothing more terrifying than reality. Rule came to prominence after she chronicled her friendship with Ted Bundy in The Stranger Beside Me.

What is fascinating about her is that she was a police officer with the Seattle P.D. Her background is what lent her books authenticity. Not to mention, her research into cases was insightful, impeccable and thorough.

Honestly, I could burn through one of her novels in two days. The deft way that she weaves a story layering facts and compelling narrative is riveting. You get inside the psyche of the victims and their killers.

One of the books that I found hard to shake was And Never Let Her Go. At the time that I was reading this account of the Thomas Capano murder of Anne Marie Fahey, I was living in Wilmington, Delaware where the crime took place. I used to walk home from work and my route happened to take me by Fahey’s apartment.

Much like the B.T.K. serial killer, Capano was a prominent figure in local politics, a loving father and overall pillar of the community. However, appearances can be deceiving. He had a mistress on the side, which was Anne Marie.

At first, they were wildly in love and then things went south. A true tale of obsession and lust that resulted in a horrific end for Fahey.