Myers Monday: Is Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers really cursed?


In 1995, Dimension Films brings back the Halloween franchise with Michael Myers and his thorny curse. But is the sixth film in the franchise actually cursed?

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Hell In Haddonfield

Six years after the infamous Haddonfield Police Department siege, Michael Myers returns with a new curse. Resurrecting Tommy Doyle, Sam Loomis and Dr. Terrence Wynn, the Halloween series returns with a new studio (Dimension Films), new creatives and a revamped Shape infested with thorns. Everything should have been easier. Everything should have been darkly fun. Nothing should have been cursed.

Debuting in September of 1995, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is one of the most infamous sequels in horror history. Troubled by production issues and creative clashes, the movie stands as a textbook for the dangers of studio filmmaking. But does the sixth Halloween film actually have a curse?

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Franchise Killer

After “killing off” the Boogeyman in Halloween II, 1988’s The Return of Michael Myers brings back Haddonfield’s biggest nightmare. Pursuing his niece after Laurie Strode’s untimely death, the Shape eventually meets the end of a lead pipe courtesy of Tommy Doyle — and dismal results at the 1995 box office.

With the franchise seeming failing, series godfather Mustapha Akkad and Dimension Films decide to hit the restart button and H20 is born. Is the reason because Halloween 6 is cursed? Let’s explore more tricks and treats.

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Creator’s Curse

Before The Curse of Michael Myers fails in cinemas, the movie begins on wobbly legs. After taking pitches from seemingly every writer in town (even Quentin Tarantino), the movie moves into production with an odd, but focused, script from Daniel Farrands — then test screening happens.

Scrambling to fix issues after testing, Dimension Films revamps the movie to make it more hip and of the time. With the original title changed (The Origin of Michael Myers turns into Curse), the movie scraps its ending and loses the much-needed John Carpenter-esque score.

Today, the Producer’s Cut is available wide after spending years as a hot item on the underground scene. The experience jaded its creatives, but has it cursed the film?

Pick Lloyd

On top of the litnay of issues with the 1995 sequel, arguably nothing stands out more than Jamie Lloyd’s recasting. Ditching series star Danielle Harris after refusing to pay her proper rate, the studio eventually hires J.C Brandy for the gig. Although the actress delivers fine work, the sequel still feels the weight of the casting change to this day. Sure, Jamie may not be in the film much but did Dimension’s actions help curse the movie before camera’s even rolled?

An Origin Changed

Today, fans can enjoy both versions of Halloween 6 with stunning clarity on the latest technology. But that doesn’t change the film’s interestingly insane process and the possibility of a cursed piece of art. Still don’t believe me? Donald Pleasence went to his grave thinking the sequel was something that it wasn’t. To me, that’s the most cursed thing about the whole production.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you trick ‘r treaters next week in Haddonfield.

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