Project Blue Book: Star people and the effects of swamp gas

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Star People

Allen is approached by Brian (Ari Dalbert) the eldest scout in Emmett’s troop. He tells Hynek that he believes he knows what started all of this chaos and that it might not be folklore but factual. The pair trek into the woods to look at a cave painting.

On the wall, next to the other primitive artwork is a rendering of the same craft that Hynek saw in Emmett’s photograph. However, right next to it is that symbol that has been haunting him since the amusement park “hospital” visit.

Project Blue Book – Star People – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

Sheriff Donnelly takes the professor to meet with a Choctaw Indian elder (Graham Greene). As it turns out, he will be partnering with Hynek on the quest for answers. He has seen the lights and believes in the star people legend since it is part of his culture. It is the age-old debate between faith and science.

The trio head into the forest to investigate the site again. It is at this point while sifting through the rubble that Allen smells the distinct odors emanating from the nearby swamp. He asks the Elder about it and is told it is so toxic, even the animals avoid it.

What is beginning to take shape in Hynek’s mind is the idea of swamp gas. Tabling that thought though, they return to town for a meeting with the residents.

The Return of Emmett

Project Blue Book – The Return of Emmett – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

Naturally, the townsfolk are very distressed about what has been going on. They are fearful and of course this leads to displeasure and the battle cry of nothing is being done. Hynek decides to be the voice of reason.

He unveils his theory of swamp gas only to be interrupted by Scoutmaster York’s return. Emmett has burns all over his face and arms. As the meeting closes, everyone gathers around him and his wife as he collapses into her arms.

Hynek visits Emmett in the hospital to get his side of the story. Recounting his ordeal, Emmett states that he fired on an alien and killed it. Immediately, Allen is skeptical.

The next day the professor, Sheriff Donnelly, Emmett and Brian visit the site. Emmett leads everyone to a clearing and unearths a skull with an elongated head and hands it to Hynek.

After performing a heat test on the object, it is determined that it isn’t a fake. Allen immediately requests Quinn’s presence in Bowling Green so they can investigate what is going on.