Seth Wolfson: Evil Dead 2 Escape room: It will swallow your soul!


Seth Wolfson is the Owner and Creative Director of Hourglass Escapes llc, the architects behind the Evil Dead 2 Escape room experience coming to Seattle this summer. In our interview, he explains the origins of this awesome attraction and how it came into being.

Seth Wolfson is living the dream. The Owner and Creative Director of Hourglass Escapes llc, he is the tour de force behind the Evil Dead 2 Escape room experience which is set to open this summer in Seattle.

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with him about how he turned his idea into reality and the players behind the scenes that made it come to fruition.

The Interview

1428 Elm: I see you used to work for Ripley’s which is ironic since Evil Dead 2 star, Bruce Campbell is the new host. Did that experience help you when designing the escape room?

Seth Wolfson: Absolutely, I was a sculptor and mold maker there. Creating wax figures and props for displays translates really well to escape rooms. That with my make-up FX and theme park work all fit into the escape room process.

1428 Elm: We have all heard the saga of the Evil Dead franchise rights issues. Did you run into any snags with StudioCanal?

SW: Not at all, they seemed keen for an escape room being created by us. We do need to get every step approved by their licensing representative, Creative Licensing Corporation as we go (who handled the deal for StudioCanal). However, they are fast to answer and really want it to be a great product in the end.

Seth Wolfson-Evil Dead 2 Escape Room – Courtesy of Seth Wolfson and Hourglass Entertainment

1428 Elm: How did you meet your partners in this venture?

SW: I’ve known my business partner Lorna since 2004 and Jeremy since 2009. We have been really good friends and when I told them about this idea, they were all for it.  This is one of their favorite films, so it was not a hard sell.

1428 Elm: Can you tease elements of the room? How did Andrea Hays become involved? 

SW: I can say fans will need a basket to hold all the Easter eggs hidden in the game.  We will have the cabin re-created as much as we can including the demonic deer head and all the other fun stuff. I guarantee the Evil Dead audience won’t be disappointed.

My friend Andrea will be our Henrietta if things work out schedule wise for her and us.  And of course, Ben Rock is shooting all of our video.  He’s been a close friend since our Orlando days.  His latest project was the podcast Video Palace on Shudder which was amazing!

Seth Wolfson-Evil Dead 2 Escape Room 2 – Courtesy of Seth Wolfson and Hourglass Entertainment

1428 Elm: Where can fans reserve tickets for the event?

SW: We will open them to the public in mid-May and if people get on our mailing list at they will have a pre-sale option just for them. But the first opportunity is going to be for fans who come to Crypticon Seattle.

We are letting the local super fans get first crack at tickets, including Halloween shows and most likely an exclusive free gift only given to attendees. This community has been very supportive and we want to show some them some gratitude.

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Thanks so much to Seth for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. It was a pleasure chatting with him and I wish both he and Hourglass Entertainment much success on the Evil Dead 2 Escape room!

Are you an Evil Dead fan? Would you like to experience the Escape room? Let us know your thoughts in the section below. We want to hear from you.